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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Charlie Christ Blames GOP 'Racism' and Hating Blacks for Why He Left GOP


To be perfectly honest I have to admit that I find only one flaw with Charlie Crist.
He's a peckerhead.
He's an opportunist - goes whichever way the wind blows. Don't trust him.
Charlie Christ is speaking from experience. He had to come out from among them or risk losing his soul.
He's a baby-killer like you, Speedy, so he fits right in with you and your Democrats.
He's all yours.
Good luck!
Ridge if you only knew how ignorant that sounds you would quit saying it. I guess you are under the impression that it has some type of effect on Christians, but it doesn't. It must be a Catholic thing.
I believe him ,he said his parent didn't raise him and his sibling like that which was good (that's because they didn't raise a bigot and racist ) good for them . We needed more like his parent in that era.;)
He speaks with a forked tongue, like all Democrats.
chuckles christ is a liar.
It is a Catholic thing, Speedy.
When you see me and other people counseling and protesting and holding prayer vigils and praying the Holy Rosary in front of abortion slaughter houses, it's usually 100% Catholics. We change a lot of minds and save a lot of babies and cause a lot of baby slaughter houses to close down or move.
Then you have people like you who wouldn't lift a finger to save one of God's children. Why? Because in your hearts you're self-absorbed and self-righteous and puffed up. You support killing babies.
May Almighty God forgive you for enabling this atrocity and slaughter to continue unabated.
You sir, are inhuman.
And yes, Speedy, I think my constant pounding on abortion may have an effect on not just Christians but any human being with a heart who can not abide with tiny babies having their heads twisted off at birth like you do. Most people are not as cold-hearted and uncaring about anybody but themselves like you are. There are plenty of good people in this country too. People who will stand up for what's right.

And you should stop pretending to be a Christian. You can quote Scripture all day and all night if you want to, anybody can, but no Christian stands by with his thumb up his ass while babies are being slaughtered. You're a despicable liar and fraud.

God creates these babies and you help kill them and defend killing them. What a guy. You're like a vicious, snarling, blood-thirsty animal when it comes to innocent, defenseless, little babies.
You are evil.
So I guest you support violence and murder as a means to an end also, huh?
No, you do though.
I'm trying to end it.
Do you honestly believe that killing babies isn't a violent murder?
Do you honestly believe that a baby having his head twisted off feels no pain?
Do you honestly believe by blowing up clinics and murdering doctors and nurses that you will accomplish your goals? Maybe you have witnessed a baby being murdered, but I haven't. No one in my family has ever had an abortion. All life is precious in the sight of God, even convicted murderers.
Why do you stand up for vicious convicted rapists and murderers but not innocent babies?
Like I said, we both have our calling. You have your Bible and I have mine, The Holy Bible.
You're not fooling anybody.
You really don't get it. My salvation is not determined by your acceptance of me. You are not important at all. You are just another lost soul wandering around in the wilderness. You will never understand what it is like to be born-again until you are.
I'm convinced.
Now convince yourself.
As soon as you get the babies to stop crying.
Ridge you go on ahead and believe what you were taught, and I will continue to believe what I've been taught and we shall see who was taught the righteous way through Jesus Christ in due time.
If you were taught that it's ok to kill babies and stick your pecker and tongue in a man's hairy ass, you were taught wrong, son. I'm here to testify.
Well Ridge, you are the only one would know about," stick your pecker and tongue in a man's hairy ass," since you have priests that do that in your church. This is not happening in my church. Ridge, you better come out from among them while there is time.
You don't make any sense, Speedy, why do you support sodomites and then criticize what they do?
Ridge, playing like you don't understand is not going to be forgiven unless you acknowledge the sin first.
I acknowledge the sin.
It's the murder of innocent babies.
The babies that are killed by you through the people you vote for.
You better stop it, son.
I'm telling you for your own good.
You won't be held blameless.
God created everyone of those babies and knows them by name in the womb.
You can stick your head in the sand all you want but that blood is on your hands when you vote for it.
And in your heart you know it.
So will you stop voting for baby-killers?
Well Ridge, Christian religion teaches about individual responsibility, yours may not, so don't expect me to accept your religious dogma, that's is just not going to happen.
You stand up and speak out for vicious murdering rapists but not for innocent little babies?
And you say your religion teaches you that?
The Holy Bible says something completely different, pal.

My religion teaches me not to do that, and I don't and never did. That is why your ludicrous statement does not phase me.
Then you ought to do what your religion tells you and speak up for innocent babies being butchered alive.
Does that fall under thou shall not kill?
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