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Monday, May 26, 2014


6 Times Obama Used the Troops for Photo Ops

Wow, he's visited the troops only two times in five years. That's leadership for the democrats...
President Obama is a fan of photo ops. That’s why he has routinely banned the press from certain situations, instead releasing only approved photos. And when it comes to the troops, he’s happy to slash the military budget, do nothing about the Veterans Administration, and use the armed services for social experimentation, then to show up with the cameras when he needs a boost in the polls.
Only goes to show you what a SNAKE in the grass he is....!!!!
Everything is about HIM. He cares for no one, just an egotist and a SNAKE.
Reminds me of Slick Willy ("I loathe the military") Clinton when he choreographed the photo-op of him leading troops across the White House lawn. What a sad joke.
There is nothing more obtuse than the mission accomplished banner old George had hanging up in the background as he lied to the American people.
Thank you LiLSpeedy, you beat me to the punch! LoL!;)
At least President Bush served, Speedy.
Slick Willy didn't.
Pee Wee didn't.
And you didn't.
You don't want to go there son, trust me. I now know where you and a few others live. I will never waste my time trying to convince people I don't give a fu-k about any more.
Are you threatening me, son?
You can take it any way you want to. You are no longer just a mouth behind a computer.
Your threats are noted.
Good. Now we understand each other.
I understand that you're a pussy.
A big fat one.

Talk is cheap.
Yeah, that's why it's all you do.
That is what I want you to believe.
Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap...
You're like an old woman.
Dream on son.
Don't you wish you could?
Without the babies crying?
Babies don't cry in heaven. Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama too.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama's gonna have me up all night anyway, Speedy, LOL.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama said she's gonna keep me up all night too, Speedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Only when you promise not to molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
I'm not going to let you molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
I hope you feel better now. Now you may go to sleep.
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