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Monday, April 14, 2014


The Queen Of Mean 15 Times Michelle Obama Was A Angry First Lady

the queen bitch is the queen bitch,   is the queen bitch, and she hates America.
There is nothing mean spirited about Mrs. Obama. Don't fall for the stereotype of Black women. You must consider the source.
Moo is just as nasty personally as Hillary or Diana Ross for that matter if reports are true.

Hillary's employees have complained about her b!tchiness and her "superiority complex" before, saying that if you should happen to cross paths with her anywhere, you are forbidden to say anything to her in passing and you are strictly forbidden to even make eye contact with her.

I read somewhere years ago about Ross's domestics complaining about having to walk on their knees when they went past her so they wouldn't block her view.

Some people just aren't very cordial with the help.
@Speedy, since you brought it up, please enlighten me on stereotyped Black women. I want to know, your opinion.
@Speedy, after you give your examples of stereotyped Black women, what do you say about the stat," 78% of the Black births in this country are, unwed mothers"? Would you consider that a stereotyped statement? I think you are a racist, just like the shooter in Kansas City. Just like James Earl Ray.
My wife's nurse is a black male. He left about ten minutes ago. I asked him about black/white racists, his response was, " all racists are ignorant people, black and white and any other race you want to add.
Oh.....her first name is Michelle..?? All along, thought her first name was "Mean"...!!! I knew it her first name started with a "M"...I stand corrected...!!!
Carbo, as usually I have no idea of the point that you are trying so hard to make. The so-called stereotype is given to them by White men that are unsure of their manhood. This is not coming from Black men.
Never in my life, have I ever heard any white person say anything about black women. I think you make up a lot of junk. Why would a white person do that? They are not gaining nothing by being stupid.
Carbo, then I suggest you study history. In it you will find that the Black women had to endure a lot from White men. You can't be that naïve.
We are not talking about years ago. Since the passage of
the Civil Rights Act, has there been documented evidence that white men gathered and stereotype Black women, or is this propaganda spread by the Black males? Do Black men stereotype White women?
The only stereotyping of Black women that I've ever heard came from Black male comedians. And the implication was usually that they were mean or crabby all the time. That may be where the stereotyping (if there truly is any) came from. I've never heard it anywhere else. A son of mine dated many Black women and he never said anything about it and they all seemed very pleasant to me.
Carbob, it is a waste of time with you. You can never win an argument going tit for tat.
@rr- you read my mind, that is where I was headed and Speedy knows it's true. I will bet you that Speedy has done it, also.
That is where you are wrong. I have always defended Black women. In the Black community strong Black women keep the family together. A strong Black women does not intimidate a Black man, they encourage him to be a better man.
You need a lot more strong Black women then cuz the Democrats have destroyed the Black family with welfare and food stamps and free stuff and they weren't allowed to have a man in the house to get it.
Hello welfare, goodbye Daddy.
There you go with your stereotyping again. I didn't have a lot growing up. But we never received food stamps, welfare, or any assistance from the government. We learned how to be content until we could do better. To say that all Blacks are on food stamps, welfare, and broken homes is a lie straight from HADEAS.
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