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Monday, April 21, 2014


See what they'll be teaching in the Chicago public schools

The source here has to be consider, seem as though he 's talking out both side of his a$$ .Although I was taught that there was Black here before Columbus landed his diseases on the soil. I think there should be an curriculum on African American history through out the public school all over the nation. Just as the Indians should have a positive curriculum in history of this country they live first that didn't have the name" America". That crap about the President being some kind of pawn and the ending of the earth is looney at it's best.;)
Anything the Democrats have unfettered CONTROL of soon becomes a shambles.
This will be no exception.
@liiiuv- Who and where were you taught, Blacks were here before Columbus??
Where have you been Cabob ,any historian will tell you that Black people were here with the Indians before White man set foot on this soil. However! I was given this information by Professor (Dr.) Prince at University of Ill. Also in Social Institution by Dr. Armstrong at Alcorn State University Lorman Ms. you do realize that Amerigo Vespucci came here before Columbus and his crew.
Oh , yes I had to look up the author Legrand H. Clegg II 10-20-3 Columbus: Black Explorers of the New World. You can also gather insights from good luck on the reading Carbob , because you have a lot of history to get caught up on ,enjoy the lesson in history.;)
I have never read anywhere, in any history book, the first pilgrims met or seen any blacks. Why is that?
Carbob, it's just moron trying to change history, many findings suggest maybe the celts, Vikings, Spaniards or knights Templar may have explored here before Columbus.
Suggesting something, doesn't make it facts. In no history book was I ever taught anything you are suggesting. If what you say is true, why did they ship slaves to this country?
That just it ,there wasn't any suggestions those are facts. No suggestion, don't you realized there are a lot of America history not written for their early history lesson for it's citizens. The Pilgrims ,well they did come but they weren't the first here by a long shot . Why?, who ship slaves to this country ,like anything and any other country for profit. Through out the early existent of man there were slavery one way or the other. This kind that took hold in this suppose brave new country with the freedom for all was one of the worst in a civilized society.;)
We need a translator for Weezy.
I don't have anything to add, but I can always say something mean spirited. Yes sir, I'm good at that.
She writes like English is her 2nd language and you know it, Speedy.
If you can make any sense out of that post maybe you should translate for her.
The post say, STFU a** hole ,your white a** wasn't here first and neither was any of the rest of the bigots that think this country belong to them this is not a "White" country. There you're go---------------;)
Please stop with all the racism, Weezy.
It's not helpful.
Being hateful towards people of a different color is hurtful.
Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

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