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Friday, April 25, 2014


Sean Hannity on Bundy 'Negro' Remarks: 'Beyond Repugnant to Me'


Stop the Presses, Everyone: Bundy Has an Opinion on Mexicans Too


Cliven Bundy Defends ‘Negro’ Comments in Incredibly Bizarre Press Conference

Jumping on the band wagon can prove to be quite embarrassing. Now repubs are running like roaches when the lights are turned on in the middle of the night.
Dam* straight the Republicans are repudiating him.
That's the difference between the parties.
Democrats will continue to support a fellow Democrat no matter what he does.
Even if he's a rapist.
They know the word racist is already written all over theirs faces and foul mouth.;)
The repubs condemned what Bundy said, but still supports him. What a freaking hypocrite.
@Speedy-lilluv- do either of you understand the difference between right and wrong. Their are mitigating circumstances in the Bundy case. Unlike Democrats, Republicans do not support someone based on the color of their skin.
A hypocrite is a hypocrite Carbob. Stop making excuses for offensive racist remarks. And repubs do look at skin color. You are fooling yourself if you believe that nonsense.
Then the entire Democratic party must be hypocrites. All the ones who voted for Obama, even the ones who voted multiple times and in multiple states, are hypocrites. Even you are a hypocrite for the remark about Whites stereo-typing Black women, when you knew all the time, the right answer.
You know for yourself that some Whites have a stereotype about everyone that is non-white, including Black women. A lot of this mentality stems from unwanted dominance that was prevalent during slavery.
The truth is starting to come out about the New York Times editing Bundy's remarks to fit their agenda.
We shoulda known.
I read what Bundy said. He was an idiot for saying it. No one can make slavery sound good. No one.
The NYTimes did some creative editing to change the real meaning of what he was saying.
Nothing new, they do it all the time, like all the liberal media does.
He said it and tried to explain it and made it worse.
You fell for the NYTimes story.
Because you wanted it to be that way too.
Too bad it was a lie.
You go with your theory, and I will go with mine. Now everybody is happy.
You don't have a theory, you have a phony story from the NYTimes that fits your agenda.
You are Assuming again.
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