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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Limbaugh Fires Back at Don Lemon, 'Who Sleeps With Men, Proudly'

One can't take Dopey Rush serious. He is a shock jock that must fed his flock. They are hooked on his gossip like crack. SAD.
Is he still around?
I thought Al Franken was going to run him off the air with George Soros' AIR AMERICA radio show?
Didn't they do it?
Limbaugh is still here?
And he's still #1?
Some people just can't accept his success and their own failures.
They'll be forever sniping.
But when they're through...
Rush will still be here.
And they will still be failures.
Precisely, Rush is popular because of people like you. You made him rich. So he will keep telling you what you want to hear to keep that money coming in. He will never be anything other than a dopey shock jock. LMAO
Forever sniping.
Just like I said...
Ridge, you don't like to hear the truth about your heroes, but you get a boner when you criticize non-repubs.
I wonder how a Republican gets a boner while criticizing wally-eyed demos?
Must be one of those side eye thingys.
From what I heard Lemon called out Rush first. Sad that he's gay I did like how he stood up to Al & Jessie but can't support him.
Give it up, Speedy.
If Soros with all his money and Al Franken and all the Democrat weirdos at Air America couldn't touch Rush, you're surely not going to.
Every time they plotted a strategy it blew up in their faces.
The American people love Rush, he's Numero Uno, he's El Rushbo, he's destroyed everybody who ever took him on, even advertisers that turned on him, they suffered for it.
He personally destroyed Soros' Air America fiasco that was designed to destroy him.
Air America is dead and buried, Rush destroyed them.
So what do you think a little mosquito like you is gonna do? LOL!
I told you once before he never recovered after he twice tried the so-called "Stop Obama Express." All of a sudden he found out the only people that are listening to him faithfully are disgruntled repubs. He took on Obama and had to eat crow TWICE. LMAO
You don't even know Rush from Hannity.
Barry wouldn't dare mess with Rush.
You're making a fool out of yourself.
You're like a dog barking at the parade passing you by.
I know both shock jocks. I just can't stand their lying race-baiting tongues. Both did all they could to prevent Obama from being POTUS. They both failed miserably after flying all over the country campaign -ing against him. Both felt like defeated jerk-offs.
Name-calling just means you have nothing to say, Speedy.
You're embarrassing yourself.
It's not helpful.
I have every right to express my opinion about Dopey Russ. You name-call the POTUS and other Black leaders every day. Stop being a hypocrite Ridge.
I name-call White and Black everyday when they deserve it and you know it. In fact I name-call far, far more White than Black.
Color means nothing to me.
You're obsessed with it.
Stop lying.
Color means everything to you. Your harshest criticisms are always directed at Blacks and you know it. Quit lying Ridge
Prove it.
Then we'll see who's lying.

There is nothing to prove. All one needs to do is read your posts. When you refer to all democrats...that is your code words for all minorities, especially Blacks.
LOL, so now when I talk about Democrats I'm a racist cuz all Democrats are Black?
Is that what you're saying?
Isn't that stretching your ever-present race card way beyond it's limit?
Ya know, I'm starting to believe you really were a teacher cuz that would explain why young people are so stupid nowadays.
You're totally defenseless, aren't you?
Ridge, you use name calling as a defense when some one has called you out. I don't pay it any attention anymore because it done behind a computer screen.
Don't start gettin' froggy, Speedy.
You've been doin' a woman's job all your life.
You're soft.
I've been in a man's world of real work and real situations, not bickering with the ladies about who is going to clean the coffee room and empty the pencil sharpeners.
You don't want none of this, believe me.
Ridge, you are trying to sell wolf tickets to the wrong Vet...I don't back down from no one and can handle myself with the best of them. Believe That! No, you don't want to go there.
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