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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Georgia Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Guns in Churches, Bars, and School Zones

Smart move.
Now people can defend themselves when the wacko Democrat serial killers start shooting what they think are unarmed people.
This is a dumb law. The law was fine the way it was. God has never needed our pathetic help. To bring a gun to church is to deny the power thereof. Nothing is worst than a drunk with a gun. In the teaching profession, one is trained to deal with irate parents, but not irate parents with a gun. This insane law is going to cause some innocent people to get hurt, or Heaven forbid, Killed. This law was purely political.
Can anyone say "Train Wreck" by Wackos.;)
LOL, the brain defect of the libs is on display today.
It's their usual good is bad and bad is good routine.
Call schools a "gun free zone" and no bad guys will come and try to kill anybody.
Fcking morons.
When will they ever learn?

Listen to one of their ridiculous quotes:
"In the teaching profession, one is trained to deal with irate parents, but not irate parents with a gun."

That's right, numbnuts, that's why you have a gun, so you can defend yourself and the kids, why can't you idiots understand this? Is your personal fear of guns so paralyzing that you couldn't/wouldn't defend children with one?

Unf*cking believable!
I own several guns and is licensed to carry, but I have never needed a gun to go to work in 31 years. If you are scared to go to work, you need to look for another profession. So you're saying it's OK to sit in church strapped as the preacher preach, Have faith in God, I don't think so. I don't need to take a gun with me everywhere I go just to be brave or a tough azz. Now, if you try to break into my house, there will be no need to call 911. Also , when dealing with an irate parent, it's easier to calm them down with words than with a gun. Once a gun is involved, it's more than a notion. The teaching profession is not for the faint in heart. It's a calling, and NO, anyone cannot do it.
The teaching profession attracts b!tchy Democrat women and effeminate Democrat men and they both seek it out for the opportunities to CONTROL kids and make Democrats out of them.
No, it takes a real man to manage 30-35 young adults at one time by yourself. I challenge anyone to do it for 1 hour, then you will find out who is effeminate. Name-calling is just in your DNA. Well, that is what's done when there is no more to add or what you are saying doesn't make sense.
You act like being effeminate is a bad thing.
You're not a homophobe, are you?
I challenge you to be a substitute teacher for 1 hour in a middle school. You can pick the subject that you like and the best class in the school building. I can guarantee you that you will watch the clock for an hour, if you can make it for an hour. Talk is cheap.
If you didn't like the job why didn't you just go into interior design or high-fashion hair styling?
I had to have liked it, in fact I loved it. I loved it so much I worked in the same school system for 31 years. You see it doesn't make sense to talk about something you have no earthly knowledge about. Being sarcastic just lets me know that you have nothing of worth to say.
You probably would have been a fabulous interior decorator.
So sad. Sarcasm will get you no where.
I could never do women's work.
Neither could I. So I guess all your teachers were female, huh?
You claimed you did women's work for 31 years.
No, you said teaching was women's work, but I had male and female teachers. You probably was taught by nuns, at least I hope you were.
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