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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Dem: Yes, Clarence Thomas Is 'Uncle Tom'

Oh thou! how many way can I say it, he is one of the worst kind of "Uncle Tom" that think he has change his stripe. (side eye) ;)

STINK EYE ALERT! ---------------->     )*(     Pffffffffffffffffffffffttttttt!!!
Barack Obama is Uncle Remus too.

I use to get called this all the time especially in 2000 when Bush was running I got so many evil eyes and people saying to me she thinks she white comments. I remember getting my nails done and the person doing my nails was like I cant believe your voting for him I was like why just because I'm black don't mean I vote democrat. had to give the nail tech a quick history lesson.
For the dumba$$ little love(liluv) can roll her eyes at any idiot ,who think their stupid a$$ can get his foot in the door by affirmative action and have the f**king nerve to deny other of his race and financial situation the same opportunity and that makes him a hypocrite to the fullest.(side eye);)
This is for my Mom and Dad ,if you're not Black STFU! about "Uncle Tom" (side eye);)
" Barack Obama is Uncle Remus too."

Jap, I thought you had more class.
And I thought people had better class than to classify someone as an Uncle Tom.
My posting that Barack Obama is Uncle Remus was to get a reaction out of people just like the Uncle Tom label.
Uncle Tom is vile racial hatred.

We know who the Uncle Tom's are.
They're still on Mr Charlie's Democrat Plantation.
Doin' what Mr Charlie tells 'em to do.
While Clarence Thomas worked his way up to The Supreme Court of the United States of America, they're sittin' on the side of the road barkin' at his parade.
Woof, woof, woof!
Woof, woof, woof!
Clarence Thomas lied his way onto the Supreme Court and got away with sexual harassment of a Black Female professor. Black Americans will never forget how he lied to get on the Supreme Court. He is very unpopular among Black Americans and various women's groups.
You didn't mind some schmuck lying his way into the Presidency.
Why so finicky about the SCOTUS?
The POTUS was voted in by the American People, Clarence Tom, would not have had a snowball's chance in He!!. Believe that!
But he lied his way in to the Presidency. That's what you said.
That's what bothered you about Thomas, that he lied his way in.
Why was it ok with you for Obama to lie his way in then?
And doesn't that make you a hypocrite?
Going tit for tat is not going to change anyone's mind about Clarence Thomas.
There's a good reason you never answer a question.
It's cuz you don't have the answers.
And that bothers you.
Clarence Thomas is creepy and weird. A typical repub. Oh, don't let me forget, LIAR.
Name-calling means you have nothing to say.
And that's SAD.
When you name-call another LP member that means you have nothing to say. You got it wrong.
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