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Saturday, March 8, 2014


'Vlad the Great': Putin's Approval Rating Soars in Russia

Defending HIS nations interest.

This will tell you why the EU, NATO & the US is weak on the border countries between Europe & Russia.
Pootin's approval rating is nothing spectacular. There are pootin cheer leaders right here in the USA. They sing praises to him every day. A house divided against itself, shall not stand. He's just taking advantage of the lost that are looking for a leader that they can control.
You can't blame Americans for being a little envious of a country with a decisive man for a leader instead of some effeminate, vacillating, wishy-washy, milque-toast, limp-wristed pansy in mom jeans and a bicycle helmet.
He humiliates us on the World Stage.
This is the nation of Washington and Jefferson and Reagan being transformed into the nation of Pee Wee Herman and Erkel.
What a colossal embarrassment.
Mrs. Ridge, Americans are not envious of the Russians, they are envious of the USA. You need to keep your traitorous thoughts to yourself. Also, this is a nation of many nationalities that has contributed to this nation's success. The only people that agree with your so-called philosophy are racists like yourself ma'am.
Americans are envious of the USA? You don't make any sense, ms speedy trollbitch.
And also, Mr highly educated with 2 degrees, how did you not learn the difference between singular and plural in all of your vast education? Hmmm?
"Many nationalities that "has" contributed?"
LOL, that is fcking laughable!
What did you major in, Stupidity?

That right, Mrs. Ridge, I have two degrees, you don't. You are still using your bigot tactics. That is a sure sign of jealousy. I see mistakes all other your posts but I have better things to do with my time. As long as you can understand what I am saying is all that matters coward. I am not writing to anyone of note, so why should I worry about spelling. Only bigots worry about such things.
The only people who have to actively worry about spelling are people who can't spell.
Like you.
Two degrees, my ass.
You're barely literate.
You were never a teacher, you're too stupid.
You're just a typical, lying, phony-ass Democrat.
But don't worry, your fellow lying Democrats will still like you.
Sad, sad, sad, Mrs. Ridge. Bigots like to live in denial. This is the thinking of a typical coward. I told you once, now I am going to tell you again that it does not matter what you think or say, everything that you dispute is still true. You want it be untrue so that you can feel better about your misery life and your lack of accomplishments. But all is true, and there is nothing that you can do, other than lie as usual. SAD.
Sorry you're so sad ms speedy trollbitch but the truth hurts sometimes.
Maybe if you didn't lie so much?
Cheer up!
Dream of your favorite man's hairy ass.
That always makes you feel better!
Mrs. Ridge, you are a pervert, plain and simple. I have no reason to be sad. You have been bitching and moaning for almost five years because we have a Black POTUS. You have been bad mouthing the President since he has been in office, how has that helped your agenda? You probably wish things were like the Jim Crow era again, eh.
I wish we did have a Black President, ms speedytroll.
This mixed race guy ain't cuttin' it, is he?
It's time America had a Black President.
Hopefully we'll have a Black President next time, like Dr. Ben Carson or Colonel Allen West.
Somebody we can all support.
A real leader.
I think that would unite us all.
Mrs. ridge, your definition of Black is taken from the old mentality of the South. This is a new day. The one drop rule that was made up by hard core racists no longer exist. You are a dying breed. No one thinks that way any more. Only hangovers from the Jim Crow era, such as yourself, think that way. SAD>
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