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Saturday, March 29, 2014


The states with most segregated public schools are epicenters of liberalism

Michigan is in the top 3 states for racist segregation of students.
And our troll Weezy is from Michigan.
Interestingly, she always talks about how she hates the south for it's racism when in truth, her state is more racist than ANY state in the south.
But she'll keep voting for those Democrats who keep those Black kids in inferior schools.
That's easy.
Free stuff.
Yep, my city I live in is a liberal wasp nest, they voted to raise property taxes to keep the riff raff out.
Part 1:Well, let's see here. Since we're on Michigan, in particular, why not just call up (R) Governor Rick Snyder and (R) Mayor Mike Duggan and complain about how they run their schooling system. These guys are the shot callers...after all. Now, see how easy that was? The root of the problem is with the Republicans in charge...ain't no Democrats keepin' nobody nowhere. If there's an issue with racism, then these are the guys that should be addressing it...LIKE LAST WEEK.

Part 2: If property owners are voting to raise taxes to keep the 'riff raff' out then then consider that a blessing because they actually care about the quality of living their people enjoy. Listen, you're gonna pay more for any and everything that's better and to your benefit. Take restaurants for're not gonna find 'riff raff' in higher end places but, you also pay for that with menu prices.

Special events where a plate will cost as much as $ won't find 'em there either. Movie theaters that are top notch with the best amenities...riff raff won't attend those when they can go to a standard one and see the same movie. But, again, you pay for that. Would you rather see more riff raff moving in, or away and moving out while saying, " , it costs too much to live there!!!!" All the while, YOU can afford to live there. Come on, now...let's use some common sense. Those liberals are using their common sense from what I can see. Now, if you wanna see folks that really don't care, then go to the 'hood' or a 'free for all 'trailer park' where different kinds of liberals will reside.

All liberals aren't alike and this is FACT. All conservatives aren't alike and this is FACT. The most ignorant one's from both sides are those that just throw everybody from the opposing side into one bucket and say, "they're all just alike." That's just stupid...and to hold raising taxes against folks that want a better neighborhood 'for everybody' is disturbing...very disturbing.

Gotta really deep think what you're saying sometimes, people. Good grief. The Republican vs. Democrat thing is really taken waaaay too far these days in lots of cases.

Blah, blah blah, Michigan schools are run by the Unions.
The city I live in is 96% white, people of color, any color are the riff raff...That would include my family, as we also have brown skin, just not as dark as others.
Do I want garbage living here, hell no,,,but I am tired of the taxes, poor people can't afford these houses anyway, so why do we need to keep raising taxes?
One more thing, Mr. pretends to be on the fence, I do have issues with these very people calling me a racist for being a Tea Party Member, but voting to keep the blacks out, chew on that loser!
Blah, blah, blah is right, sully. He likes to ramble on when he gets high, doesn't he?
And he probably makes perfect sense to himself, that's the funny part.
But being a Democrat he just can't keep from lying even when he's stoned.

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