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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Sheila Jackson Lee: US Has Been Operating Under Constitution for 400 Years

Another brilliant Democrat!
And she" a Constitutional Scholar?
What a moron.
Yeah, just like Barry (57 States) Obama!
You can't make this stuff up, what a maroon. There should be term limits.   If they can force us to buy something then we can force them out of office.
Unbelievable stupidity.
Stupidity, that doesn't even raise the bar. What a total Democratic moron. Keep talking Sheila, people really love it when you show your stupidity. You and the resident bible totter make a great pair of book ends in the halls of Dumb azzes...!
An idiot never knows when to STFU! Right infidel.
ms. speedy in need of help troll, is SJL your troll sister? She is always angry and stuff just like you, sister trolls! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Well you should know toteman, I think everyone has been saying that to you for a long time.
You just told another lie. The only ones complaining are the resident attack bigots of the blog. All of you have thrown everything that you have at me and none of it worked, why? It's simple, when you have been through all this all your life in one form or another of racism, you build up a tolerance. In other words, what cowards say to me behind a computer screen is nothing compared to the things that I have endured growing up in the deep south. Everything that you say to me makes me stronger. So have it!
Well, maybe it's time YOU changed your ways. When you disrespect someone because someone ELSE has disrespected you, the same outcome will prevail. It's only when you as an individual stop seeing others views as racist, disrespectful, and hatred will you then see a difference towards you as an individual period.   

I don't hide behind ANYTHING. I would say the same to your face as I have stated on these blogs, and if that's the case, I can say the same about you. You've thrown everything at me and it hasn't fazed me either. I do the same to you as you've done to me. The color of one's skin, the demeanor of an individual, nor the platform he stands on, DO NOT alter my way of thinking or addressing someone. It's the manner in which a person presents himself to me that I respond to.   I don't fill my idle time with hatred to make me stronger, it only solidifies a resentment towards that individual, and I do respond... So, have it..
Those are mere words coming from someone that bite off more than they could chew. You and your gang were so sure that if we insult him or lie about him enough he would leave, well surprise, it did not work. I've heard better insults from teenagers I've taught through the years. Yes, a few were disrespectful, but the vast majority were not. Just like the vast majority of the LP people don't act like you flaming's only a few bad apples on here, but even they have a right to be here, as long as they don't infringe on someone else rights. And trust me, the things all of you say behind the computer, you would NEVER say face to face, at least not sober. I'll just leave it at that.
Let me tell you something you F*CKING jerk-off. I never bite off more than I can chew. Me personally, I couldn't give a sh*t about you or what you do. Believe me Schwoogie, I would say it to your face and I don't need any kind of liquid courage to say it to your face, that you can bank on.. I'm not everybody dirt bag, I'm me and I've never needed anyone's help in telling jerk-offs such as you what I think of them.

Now, here's what I think. You haven't got the brains that God gave a Jack-ass, but then again you've already showed that. As far as running your racist ass off of LP, I don't care one freekin Ioda what you do. But if you do go, don't let the door hit you in your fat Azz on the way out. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of your racist azz on the blogs. Have at it hamhock....!
The only flaming trolls here on LP are you and your sissy la la's . You don't know a thing about me or anybody else here at LP, except for your twisted RACIST thoughts. If you knew me jerk-off, you'd know I'd be in your face. I've met better Black Men, then you could ever think of trying to be. In my opinion, your nothing but a loud mouthed wuss just like your wussy in the white house.

I remember you saying that you were in the service, or are you going to say that's a lie? Where in the service were you stationed? What was your MOS? I know for a fact that if your racist azz was in Vietnam, you would've never made it back home with your racial slurs and innuendo's that you make readily available here at LP. Give you enough rope and you'll hang yourself , I know you've heard that before right Rambo...!!!!
Like I said, any azz hole can do what you just did. It don't mean nothing. I don't need the approval of any flaming troll. I have never been one to just lie repeatedly like you flaming trolls. I don't give a flying f-uck what you believe and what you don't believe. You are the last people on Earth that I need to certify me. It is, what it is, now deal with it bubber.
Miss Lee could be one of our trolls with her intellect, LOL.
She would be in good company.
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