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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Obama To Latino Town Hall: If Obamacare Is Too Expensive You Should Cancel Your Cable TV Cell Phon


Maybe HHS should set up sales booths on street corners.
Will he cancel his vacations?
The difference between fascism and freedom to choose become crystal clear.
Sorry, but folks need to be prioritizing their spending instead of waiting until something happens and using the emergency room for treatment...then ditching the hospital bill which in turn raises everybody else's premiums like it has been for so long now. How can you afford cable, cellphones and the like yet say you can not afford health insurance to cover your expenses should you get hospitalized or something else that pops up unexpectedly knowing it will fall back on others who do go without to take care of their responsibilities such as having health insurance. It's not the sniffles that is the problem, it's when expensive health problems come up and who ends up paying for it? those who are insured and then we pay again when we get those large bills from the hospital because somebody has to pay for all those health bills of the uninsured and those who think having cable or a cellphone over health insurance is responsible. Is this bill perfect no and are there some issues with it yes, but I am just surprised to see people hammering this comment by Obama about cable and cellphones and yet complaining they can't afford health insurance when it's the truth. Then you have those who could not get insurance because they had preexisting conditions, those people are the ones I feel sorry for, but others who just didn't want to pay for health insurance like every other responsible person because they didn't want to give up cable and cellphones....shakes head.

I am not a fan of Obama, but folks it's amazing that a democrat is actually speaking up and telling people it's time to prioritize your spending and responsibilities. I don't know what the situation is in some other states, but since losing my husband last year and myself having medical problems and unable to get insurance, I went with a marketplace plan. The insurance my husband had ended up being the same insurance company I now have through the marketplace. I have a 1,000 deductible and pay just under $200 a month. After my deductible everything is covered 100% and I keep all of my doctors. I could have went through another insurance company that would have offered a $700 deductible with just alittle over a $100 a month in premiums, but a couple of my doctors did not have contracts with them before obamacare and choose still not to after obamacare. Now a few weeks ago I was watching cspan. There was a republican from Indiana on there who was blatantly not telling the truth about premiums and deductibles and using a Indiana resident as an example and how they could not afford it. My mouth just dropped at the astronomical numbers she was giving, and here in Indiana there are two insurance companies to pick from on the marketplace and they are the two who are commonly known as the top insurers here in Indiana already....she flat out lied about astronomical deductibles and premiums that this Indiana resident was facing and couldn't afford. They all lie people whether they are a (D) (R) or (I) and until people stop being followers of party labels and call things out regardless of the politicians party affiliation, this country is just going to keep going down hill.

Do people really expect to not take any responsibility for paying for a portion of their premiums...everybody wants something for nothing and free which is generally the way of the democrats, now republicans are complaining because people are now being forced to have insurance but not happy because it actually cost money to be responsible and have it. Are there issues with obamacare absolutely, but it is time everybody takes responsibility for their healthcare and stop leaving the medical industry in the red due to being uninsured. All they have been doing for years is causing our premiums to go up and hospital cost to go through the roof to compensate for all the unpaid services of the uninsured...but I bet many of those uninsured had cable, iphones and all the stuff a responsible person should not have if they can not afford health insurance.
Finally, someone that is speaking the truth from experience. This isn't about Obama, it's about having insurance when you really need it.
Speedy, one MRA that I have to have done every year due to blood clotting disorders cost almost $2,000. After my $1,000 deductible, everything is 100% covered with no copays. People are focusing on the small stuff or assume since they are healthy that it's unfair that they have to have health insurance, but my husband had no health problems and saw a doctor once every couple years for the sniffles until last year when a piece of plague broke loose and caused a heart attack. The medical bills from that were astronomical and beyond comprehension and had we not had health insurance it would have been financially devastating.
Candlelight, one can be healthy today and sick tomorrow. My wife and I are both retired and on fixed incomes. We will pay whatever we have to pay to keep our health insurance. Like the majority of Americans we have to budget and live within our means.
Like I said, are there issues that need to be work out of course, but I expect to see cost go down with time now that folks have to have insurance. Some may say, well why should I have to pay this or that when I am healthy just because the insurance companies can't deny coverage to those with pre existing conditions...because you may become just as sick or sicker in the future and possibly have medical cost that far exceed those you are comparing yourself to now while you are healthy. Just because your healthy today doesn't mean you will be tomorrow or next year and/or won't have an accident that changes your well being.
@Emilyg- Obama thinks cancelling ANY vacations is a red line.
If people can afford to take care of their responsibilities and have positioned themselves in life to be able to afford things like vacations, why should those people be expected to cancel their vacation because they state that others should better manage their money and take some responsibility for their own healthcare. Many people have done without and canceled a lot of things in their life to take care of their responsibilities, those who think they are above doing the same and don't.... well it's about time they do.
Democrat politicians passed this mess without one Republican vote and Democrats here and elsewhere seem to love it.
Man, if we could just find a way to make it apply only to them.
I prefer freedom.
In every instance.
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