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Friday, March 21, 2014


Joe Biden: Obama should be 'nominated for sainthood'

Joe - wake up.
Just when ya thought Joe couldn't say anything dumber, hehehehe
Oh yes joe, after he labeled with the LIE of the year, he should be nominated for Sainthood?
You are about the dumbest SOB I've ever heard.>>>>>>    well maybe.!
St. Dopey Joe.
It does have a ring to it.
LOL, too much sauce.
I meant St Barry.
Did I just read this right..SAINTHOOD..??? Maybe Joe meant to say "From the HOOD"....
WTF! "From the Hood" perfect example of coded racist comment. Now ! sh*t on your own words B"(side eye) ;)
From the hood! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, that was funny!!!!!!!!!

Everything is a racist comment with you, Weezy.
You've worn it out now.
Give it a rest.
You've taken words that should have some weight and made them meaningless by making them your unyielding, unending, incessant mantra. Nobody pays attention to them anymore because of that.
You're not doing your supposed "cause" any favors.
You've become counter-productive.
You're becoming a bad joke.
Do you ever think of anything beyond the color of someone's skin?
Do you ever stop searching for things that might OFFEND you?
Is every one of your failures in life somebody else's fault?
Do you take responsibility for ANYTHING?
Just because someone is a different color than you is no reason to automatically hate them.
There are good people here who do good for other people of all colors in ways you wouldn't even believe.
Stop judging people based on their skin color.
Stop parsing every syllable looking for something to get offended by.
Life is too short.
Take a break.

Ya know it's kinda hard for black people to I speak there is a kkk rally going on in my town. One of my daughter's parents who live near by walked down to check it out and said a fight broke out because a person spoke up and said they were wrong and they attacked this person...the police did nothing. I think I might have to pack my kids up and drive them by there so they can see what hate looks like.
one of their signs says....anti-racism is code for anti-white...go figure
Why not nominate him for sainthood? Obama got the Nobel peace award for UMMMM what did he do?
I am biting my tongue soo hard!! I try to stay away from the blog form because of all the pure blindness of the likes of Speedo and Buttluv just to see they have a low information follower. When will the ignorance stop?? The race card is always threw in to cover Obama's a$$.
I have black and white neighbors and ALL of them support my reasoning for flying my flag at half mast until Obama is OUT. I am a true Army Vet. !!!!! Obama is not a Commander-In-Chief !! He is a want-to-be golf pro.

What town are you in, Candlelight?
There were people that burned the flag because Bush was in who gives a sh*t what a$$es like you think, you kind will be out number and out lived now FYS!! (): ;)
@candlelight777 please post a link to us to the kkk rally in your Indiana town, I just looked thoroughly and I find nothing,   please shine some light even candlelight will be good thanks in advance.

ms. lilluv duma$$ ignorant troll #42 don't ever count yo chickens befoe they be hatched, stupid fuque lilluv. There ain't gonna be no race woe hoe, cause they be many mo folks that ain't rascist than they be rascist bitches like yo. GDamm you race baiting POS.
And you know its kinda hard for everybody to forget that this country went to civil war for the rights of everybody to be free and equal, and more crackers died in the process to do so than all others combined by 595,000 USAmericans. And in World Wars more than 1million americans died to free untold millions from fascism, communism, tyranny etc. and nobody fuquing Gdammit ever remembers that!!!!!! fuque you, you ungrateful gdamm free people that keep bitching and asking for free sh1t, whatever GD color you are!!!!!! You are living in the freest country ever and it is getting fuqued by the day, more and more, by the fascist barryites and you don't see it.
I am sure you have figured it out by now but ridge and jarasan you act like kkk rallies are unheard of in this country and seemed somewhat shocked that i claimed one was going on in my town.

@candlelight77 Kinda hard to point us to that event huh????? And let us not act like there are no black panther gun toting rallies either, from March5 2014 here copy /paste right lick follow link:

candlelight777 you are a fraud, a liar, and a planted dim wit., Nobody said there weren't kkk rallies in the past but they aren't happening anywhere as you wrote near you yesterday...... any kkk nazi whatever ALWAYS gets reported much more than any black panther gun toting rally, you are a liar, a fraud, and a planted dimwit.
That 's because the damage done by the likes of the KKK was never matched by the Black Panthers. There would have an all out scaled war if the Black Panthers was going around hanging town of Whites like the dirty KKK . Killing women and kids making community afraid to come out of their homes. The Black Panther was defending themselves with the rights of the second amendment. That's right we are younger and we are going to out number those tired a$$ undercover racist. Facts history and census has us poise to have that in 2027. ;)
mrs. jarasan it is sad when your prejudice to another female is demonstrated by attacking them personally. But that just shows how ignorant and bigoted some are when people express their opinion. You have a right to comment about the article, but you do not have the right to attack someone personally. You are a tough behind that computer, stay there.
Btw, mrs. jarasan, there was a kkk rally on the steps of the state capitol a couple of days ago in Atlanta idiot.
ms. speedy you ignorant slut troll, a liar is a liar, a troll is a troll, but you are the most ignorant racist troll of all. It says it lives in Indiana, is that near Atlanta, dummy troll? STFU and mind your own business. How do you know what it is anyway, we know you're a bitch no question. Fuque you, racist troll hoe bitch ms. speedy punk.
mrs. jarasan why don't you come from behind that computer and say it to my face. You won't slut, you're brave as long as you THINK no one knows who you are.
ms. speedy angry punk troll, there you go again, empty stupid threats when the truth slaps your ugly troll face. Is that all you have coward troll,   sitting behind your computer proving once again how fuquing stupid you are????? Loser punk troll, go ahead get real angry and punch the wall but don't abuse your pets! Now get on your decrepit knees and pray hard to God almighty that you don't have a stroke or ever meet me, do it now.

You were never anything you've ever written, you are a liar, a bitch, and a charlatan sitting yo' momma's basement.
Blah, blah, blah, stay behind the computer wimp.
@candlelight77 Kinda hard to point us to that event huh????? And let us not act like there are no black panther gun toting rallies either, from March5 2014 here copy /paste right lick follow link:

candlelight777 you are a fraud, a liar, and a planted dim wit., Nobody said there weren't kkk rallies in the past but they aren't happening anywhere as you wrote near you yesterday...... any kkk nazi whatever ALWAYS gets reported much more than any black panther gun toting rally, you are a liar, a fraud, and a planted dimwit.
# posted by jarasan : 9:44 AM
Jarasan, i never said anyone said anything about kkk rallies in the past, i said you seemed shocked that they were still going on in the present. Learn to read and learn to do a internet search before you start calling people names and insulting them before you even have the facts.
I admit, i mistakenly thought you were smart enough to put in indiana kkk rally march 22 2014, but in case your still not smart enough to figure that out, my town is North Vernon.
So Jarasan, you couldn't find any confirmation of a kkk rally in my state or anywhere near me eh? all you had to do was type in indiana kkk rally march 22 2014 and would have confirmed the scheduled rally date and location. Chuckles with my cup of need to work on that nasty uncontrollable temper tantrum of your's jarasan? It isn't serving you well dear.

"March 22, 2014, North Vernon, Indiana. WPWW Rally. White Pride World Wide Rally organized by Supreme White Alliance, followed by a private gathering hosted by the Indiana-based Fraternal Order of the Cross, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan."

"Kinda hard to point us to that event huh?????"
No, as you can see it wasn't....but apparently it was too hard for you to find on your own. Google can only be your friend if your bright enough to use it.
Your inability for simple fact finding indicates that anything you say should be taken with a grain of salt.
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