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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Elijah Cummings Gives Oscar-Worthy Performance in IRS Hearing Freakout

He absolutely embarrassed Issa with all that was unbelievable. Issa didn't want to allow some very pertinent information to cross the ears of those people which is why he did what's never been done before in a session. The definition of this law/regulation is about to be put on the table now.

Is it the law of exclusivity, or, the regulation of primarily? Then, on top of all this, EVERYONE was targeted...not just the TEA Party and (R)'s. Not saying that this makes it right in any sense but, you get my drift. It's about to go down within the next (24) hours and lots folk are gonna be very shocked at the 'information overload'.
What libtard groups were held up for approval for three years???
Jarasan, it's no use trying to talk sense into someone who obviously has been brainwashed.
Mrs. Jarasan, this is over your ugly head. Stick to subjects that you are familiar with like teen dropouts rate, and duck dynasty.
Loser says EVERYONE was targeted! LOL!
That has about the same veracity as when Loser said Obama was President in 2008 and vetoed something.
Don'tcha love when uninformed Democrats just wanna babble about things they know nothing about?
If it isn't the tough guy waking up from a drunk. Go back to your booze coward behind a computer screen.
@rdgrnr:'s one of my best attributes. Do you know how long I've waited for either you or any of your stragglers to call me on least openly and not via private mail between each other? Yeah, I said Obama vetoed that food stamp increase and I knew full well what I was doing, too. Your boy Bush vetoed that bill and Congress still passed it...on his watch. Obama had nothing to do with it but, he get's to take the hit for for people being on 'em.

The recession is documented to have started in December 2007 and didn't end until June 2009... not even a full year year before Barry, as you call him, had been in office. Barry didn't cause anyone to be on those   stamps...Bush caused it with his shot calling and congress knew they HAD to do something to help people through the inevitable.

There's always a method to my madness...and you're an easy mark for the most part. I just have to be patient, and, I'm still waiting on several other things that y'all need to call me out on, okay. Now, go rustle up your posse and see where else I've fallen short so I can mark those off my list. Don't take so long this time to make a spectacle of it, either, 'cause I have some goodies for you and them, too. Boy, do I have some goodies!

I called you out on that immediately and you know it.
But you went and hid in shame for months, hoping it would get buried and be forgotten.
And it's the same lame excuse you always use - that your obvious blunder was actually a meticulously designed trap to draw someone out. LMAO! What a crock o' sh!t!
You sir, are the biggest phony and liar and blithering blowhard on this site.
And the best part?
You know it!
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