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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Al Sharpton repeats President Obama's talking points

Yup, the "blinder" leading the " Blindest "...
Al Sharpton is a disgrace to every intelligent African-American.
Al Sharpton is not a disgrace to Black Americans. It is only some White Americans that feel that way. You embarrass yourself when you try to assume how Blacks feel or think. One does not have to be intelligent to hate as indicated by your asinine statement.
I agree with Speedy! Al Sharpton is not a disgrace to all Black Americans...only those who are uneducated or feel entitled to other peoples money.
I don't need you to agree with me, the facts speak for themselves. Al Sharpton is and has always been a civil rights leader in the Black Community. His job is to agitate and make people aware of what's going on. The ones that hate him are the ones he want to upset.
When a political party talks about different issues they create talking points for all members to follow that has the best effect for the outcome of an issue.
It is called public persuasion.
I hear what you are saying Jap. But sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.
Sharpton is a professional race-hustler preying on poor, uneducated blacks, strictly for his own benefit.
And it has made him a very rich man while keeping blacks in poverty and on Whitey's Democrat Plantation and obedient to those who throw them scraps from Whitey's table.
"Just stay here and eat with these food stamps and welfare, don't be a traitor and leave the Plantation like Dr. Carson or Colonel West or Clarence Thomas, just stay on the couch and we'll feed you."
And our trolls can't get enough of it.

"" the facts speak for themselves. Al Sharpton is and has always been a civil rights leader in the Black Community""

My, how quickly we can forget about Tawana Brawley, and the persecution of the WHITE people she indicated Huh? Al Sharpton is another Racist, Bigoted individual with issues and those words aren't Coded. Blood Money doesn't sustain his ignorance...
More years ago than I care to admit - I worked on Jackson's campaign staff. He has changed since those days. Sharpton has always been an agitator.   If we all got along he wouldn't have a job.
Fresh out of a class of people that will make the trash Talker sh*t bricks one day soon ,that is if their not already dead . It's so pissy sad to be on the wrong side of history. You people can talk until you're blue in the face or maybe red ,we don't give a da*n what you say ,you are the same aaaaaa$$$ that stood by and watch and cheer while this country ideology had free labor for hundred of year and now you run your freaking mouth about other people taking your money ,well how you about felt that money and still with minimum wages not paid properly. There're some sick SOB's on this site. Why hell they have to uneducated to vote for the lesser of the two( EVILS).Any Black that vote for Pubs need to have their head examined. I don't need any exacerbate White to rant about my opinion and for the blinded, want to be luv Blacks , I don't give a sh*t about their thoughts either. I guess OJ and Tawana Brawley will never leave some culture mind.WTF!!;)
Please stop with the racism, Weezy.
It's not helpful.
We're all friends here.

Mrs. ridge, I don't make friends with individuals that hate for no apparent reason.
Lilluv, you on crack or what? What happened 300 friggen years ago has no bearing on this UNLESS, UNLESS you're still racist against all white men for something others did as well as blacks, then go back and live in the past. Did someone PEE in your cheerios this morning? Excuse me , anyone who votes democrat ought to have their head examined. Wake up and look around you. There's no one here making anything worse except you and your rants.
If OJ or Tawana were never leaving culture mind? WTH, if lying is your kind of culture, who needs it...!
M-Dog why are you attacking me? I agree with you when you're right ,however it's not often, but I do . What the hell! I agree with any of you when you're telling the truth. My dad always say "the truth will set you FREE".;)
I'm not attacking you Lilluv, What you were stating was nothing but gibberish, it didn't make any sense to me at all. Don't take it so personal, it was just a figure of speech. If I offended you , I apologize.
I wasn't talking to you or about you, miss speedytroll.
It goes without saying that you don't have any friends here or anywhere.
Sorry if I didn't make that clear enough for you.

I don't need friends like you. I have many that are nothing like you...and yes some of them are white. In fact a lot of them are white. After all, I am a graduate of UGA.
No you're not.
The only UGA you're connected with would be the Ugly Goofs Association.
SAD, SAD Mrs. ridge, your BIGOT TACTICS worked on everyone but me and a few others...yet she still tries. UGA RUFF, RUFF
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