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Friday, December 26, 2014


Allen West: 'Why Do We Believe Police Need Retraining or Reorganization and Reforming?'

This is to be expected from West regarding his position. However, I agree that some focus on the good cops, and, the good that those cops do should be recognized and commended. There are too many cops rolling around with chips on their shoulders ready to tout their authority without warrant. There's a video of the Ferguson police chief stopping to interview a random group of black kids about the cops and how they do things. When asked how they felt they said, "The cops just roll up disrespecting us and being aggressive all the time for no reason. They're always assuming that all black people are always up to no good and that's unfair. All we do is hang out just like any white group of kids would be doing." (Some ad lib for understanding.)

In my opinion, this is also what need to be addressed...the way white cops want to approach blacks in speech and attitude. The initial approach will make or break the rest of the procedure and so many cops know how to agitate blacks and do purposely. Now, there are some pretty rough neighborhoods where cops must be on high alert and aggressive which is perfectly understandable. But, if the cop is the one that decides to just 'check out' someone black they feel may be suspicious, then they should be trying to provoke something that's not there as it can cause a perfectly good citizen to act out in defense. There are cops out there that the more respect you try and give them in a bad situation, the harder they try to rile one up and that's not right. As citizens trusting these authorities, we're trusting them to make good calculated decisions on their assessments.

Finally, the last issue is where when cops have clearly made a bad decision to 'handle up' on someone physically and have beaten them or have drawn their weapon and shot them...all to learn that there was no justifiable reason and they trump up false statements to justify what they did. Man, this is where so many people are fed up!!! If you made a mistake and hurt someone, or shot them and they lived, then just apologize and tell the dam*ed truth!!! THIS WILL CAUSE THE PUBLIC TO REASSERT THEIR OVERALL OPINIONS ON COPS AND TRUST THEM MORE. People know when cops are lying and trying to over their a$$es or their bubby's a$$. I know it's 'code' but, it's also causing a rapid distrust of cops nationwide.

Mr. West, if you will put these issues out for discussion, I can guarantee that the results will be 100% better than trying to knock the President, DeBlasio, and so many others that don't have on the blinders that you do, Sir. We can applaud all the good cops but, we also need to embarrass the one's taking advantage of their positions and provoking bad incidents with good people. Let's get your common sense activated.

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