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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Election of First Black Senator Since Reconstruction Tees Up An Onslaught Of Racist Hate

My brother lives in S.C. Him, wife, son, daughter, all graduates from, University of South Carolina, voted for him. They have a lot of respect for him and his accomplishments. Why can't other Blacks, be that way? Don't they understand the sacrifice's, he and his parents made, for him to be in that position?
"Why can't other Blacks"

Should read, Why can't the Blacks?

That is the biggest problem with you repubs, you don't respect anyone that don't agree with your agenda. That is why it is so hard for you people to relate to anyone outside of your party, especially Blacks. This is a new era, Jim Crow era is only in the minds of a few repubs. Blacks can recognize when someone from that era is TRYING to talk down to them regardless of their educational background. That way of thinking is rejected by the majority of Blacks. It too, is GONE WITH THE WIND. Pun intended.
Speedy, it is not the Republicans, that has a problem relating with anyone. It is the Blacks that has the problem relating with someone, even other blacks.
That is what you would have me to believe, but I have been around long enough to know better.
I think you call that, "JEALOUSY".
No, I call it "BIGOTRY".
Speedy, you're absolutely correct in this regard. You know, I takw issue with anyone treading on my intelligence, and, especially this rowdy fake bunch around here. We have one poster here PRETENDING to be so supportive of blacks...this one on particular. Then, we have his buddy who congratulated Tim Scott on his win as if he's so proud of this black man.

Every single bit of it is pure, untainted BS and they know it, too. The idea here is very plain...he' Republican which is fine with me in every way. However, if Tim Scott was advertising the same type message as a Demoncrat, yeah Demoncrat, none of these fake @$$ people here would have a phuckin ' thing tp do with him. Look at other blacks, their accomplishments, great records and all but, because they're not parading for the Repubs, they get no recognition from THESE SAME PEOPLE...ONLY HATRED.

For this matter, congratulations to the Republicans that won or retained and old. This is how MATURE people roll with politics. Obama also congratulated those winners and hsd dinner with them...telling them all that he's ready and willing to cooperate, AS HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN. Democrats are always trying to reach Republicans and shake their hands...while Republicans tuck theirs in their pockets very quickly for no good reason. I'll bet Rick Perry will be glad to shake THIS black man's hand...hint hint.
He is not a Liberal, why would he have the same message?? He thinks conservative!!
Carbob, you don't know how he thinks. It hasn't been put to the test yet. We'll see how long you stick with him If he sides with dems on certain issues. This is going to be a must if we expect this congress to be successful.
I say this to all republicans. FYI “Short Term Gain, will become Long Term Pain!” Believe it or not the country is getting browner, just review the 2010 census. Between the Black, Latino, Asian communities, within the next 25-30 years these minority communities will become the majority, because these groups are only growing in population each and every year. The older white voters are getting smaller and in the next few election cycles, Republicans will not be able rely on the same group of white voters to win future elections. So if republicans don’t change how they relate to minority groups and start respecting them more, within the next few years they will feel the pain of never wining another major election for generations to come! The Political winds will change in the next few election cycles!
dmk - the Latinos voted for Republicans here in Ga.
No they didn't, many did not vote at all. You are telling another one of your LIES.
Hey lil' man - educate yourself

Anti-Amnesty, Pro-Border Security GOP Candidates in TX, GA Got Over 40% of Latino Vote
Hey old hag use other sites besides right wing wackos. You might learn something.
Speedy-Can I guess you use the sites that give the Democratic views and they are always right?

dmk- do you really believe that we would allow Latinos to take control of this country. You better pull your head out and look around.
Carbob, you better wake up and see the hand-writing on the wall. You are not going to let Latinos do anything, they are going to use the ballot box to show people like you just how much power you have versus the power they have. Keep living.
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