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Monday, November 24, 2014


Darren Wilson cleared by Ferguson grand jury in Michael Brown's death

I've had a few speeding tickets in my time, and whenever an Officer pulled me over, I never struggled for his gun, or attacked him to beat the ticket by escaping.

It was always an open and shut case in my mind. In the beginning it was cloudy, but as time went on, it was clear. Brown had a propensity for violence, which only degrades the earlier witnesses who entually were caught lying.

The DA was a coward for letting the grand jury do his job. Darren Wilson should have been tried by a jury of his peers as to his guilt or innocence. The mentality that a White will not be charged if they murder a young Black male is still prevalent in certain areas in America.
I watched the DA describe how the officer shot at mike brown twice in his patrol car when they got into a fight but then mike brown ran away. The DA said then the officer went after him and mike brown turned around. The officer fired ten times which is were he was fatally wounded. He shot at mike brown 12 times before back up got their and you call that justice for an unarmed 18 year old. That officer should not be a police officer. That is just my opinion.-weshar75
The prosecutor should not have been on the job, period. His father was killed in the line of duty by a african american male, so he is definitely biased.

The right decision was made. What has the prosecutor being on the job, or him being labeled a coward got to do with this?. The Grand Jury made the decision, not the DA. He did his Job.
If you'd have listened, you would have known that the Federal investigation also said "clearly" there wasn't sufficient enough evidence to indict. DOES THAT RING A BELL? The Feds , including Holder said " There isn't enough evidence to Indict". What will you say next? The Grand Jury was biased also. A Jury of your peers voted and now you still don't like it.....!!
It's people like you that think it is one of your privileges to be found not-guilty of killing a Black. Look at the make-up of the grand jury. What a FARCE! 9 White, 3 Black. They only needed 9 votes to indict. Go figure. Yes the DA was a punk-AZZ COWARD.
93% of blacks being killed are done by other blacks, 93%. You never see the outcry in this scope like Furgeson on those black on black killings. It's just an excuse to loot, burn, bitch and complain.
True enough. But when Blacks are killed by another Black, they are tried, convicted, and go to jail. That cannot be said about a White that kills a Black. You don't have to take my word for it, just do a little research.
The media as well as the majority of protesters are attempting to prop up Michael Brown as a gentle giant and model citizen who got murdered by a white police officer for no valid reason.
If Michael Brown had not earlier committed strong arm robbery and afterwards ignorantly walk in the middle of a street while disobeying a police officer to get over to the sidewalk then he would very well be alive today.
This guy was a thug with no respect for the law and got what he deserved.

You're missing my point speedy. The whole "white Man" is against the black folks is just false based on what i wrote about the 93%. This kid had a propensity for violence. In the beginning, I was shocked to hear so many people on both sides ignoring what happened in the store prior to his death. people were saying the two incidents were separate. WHAT? NO WAY, of course it was important.

Why would anyone in their right mind attack a police officer and think it would turn out good? Stop defending this thug. How many white kids get killed who are thugs? It doesn't matter what your skin color is, it's the person's behavior.

When was the last time you saw white people burning down their community when some court decision didn't go their way. How about Chinese people rioting because of a court decision? Any Indians go out and turn over cop cars? Any Greeks?...How about Japanese?...It's always the black people using some event as an excuse to loot, just to get back at the WHITE man. It's rediculous and you know it.

In the US, "white rioters" were called "lynch mobs," and they completely went outside the law and the constitutional rights of accused black men, sometimes torturing and castrating them in addition to hanging them. How soon some forget.

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