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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Obama Golfs For 5 Hours Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting New Ebola Czar...

Well, I say that the man has an awful lot on his plate these days. Some down time to get away from all the hustle and bustle politics allows him to clear his head a bit. Just as any responsible person does maintenance on their computer which processes tons of information, a human's way of doing this is by relaxing and SLOWING THINGS DOWN in order to 'regroup'. In the end, he's still golfed significantly less than his predecessors and, therefore, deserves it.

This new Ebola appointee's job is nothing but all things Ebola and to mediate between the two sides. His single most important job is to track any and all persons having had any contact in the infected region...and returned home uncertain of contraction. The problem with this whole deal is that by the time folks become sick enough with definite signs, they've already ben in contact with 'X' amount of people. Yeah, it's a twenty-one day cycle but, it can take it's toll on two individuals at DIFFERENT RATES within that twenty-one day cycle. That's where the problem is in my opinion...different stages of sickness not yet detectable and these folks are mingling everywhere. Look at the nurse who went to Connecticut to visit family and how they reacted when they found out about her being infected.

We can't over react but, it's not cool to be overly passive on this thing, either for good reason. All it takes is ONE PERSON to return home to their resident city not knowing their status...and find out they're infected. Then, all the backtracking has to start in order to trace their contacts...plane, taxi, airport, and all that good stuff.
All of us are at risk for something everyday, but we need not crawl in a cocoon until everything is over with. There is no need for everyone to take a fatalist attitude because we are now faced with another unknown. We have been faced with these challenges many times before and has always been victorious. We were faced with plagues when we didn't have a CDC and survived. Doubt is dangerous when we forget about the power of God. How many times must He prove Himself to you luke-warm Christians? LL, you are right, there is no need to over-react.
This is my opinion on the Krains job.
Krain will be handling the public relations in the ebola crisis. He will lead a quick response team on news items and press releases. He is assigned to control the fear that is developing in this country. The CDC director did not do an adequate job with his press briefings and release of information. I was disappointed with the CDC directors handling of public relations.

The CDC will continue to do their job as assigned in a case like this of communicable diseases.
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