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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Michelle Blames 'This Country' For Female Vet's Unemployment

You know, there are lots of numbers and important stats to consider when comparing male to female veterans care. It almost follows along the same lines of the pay-for-same work deal but, there's also more to consider in that issue. Just to name a couple would be education level and experience in my opinion. Lots of men that are paid very well have also have the academic accomplishment that warrants such pay. Not every female that can still do the same job should be entitled to that pay if the academics are absent as it costed that guy to get there. I'd love to see women paid more, though, because it can only help her to care better for her family if she's single, and, assist her husband if married.

This is the common sense which the President eluded to in a recent speech on the issue. What guy in his right mind wouldn't want momma making more where she could help more? Moms are natural care givers and would be more than willing to do more, financially, if they could. The only type of man that would be against such a proposal is an INSECURE man...period. Here's a better link with some numbers to crunch:

If a female has served our country, sustained any type of physical or mental issues, they should receive the same type of support our guys do, though. If they need jobs, let's help land them a good job and show that we appreciate them all the same. (R)'s have blocked all types of bills designed to support veterans, in full, and they only recently backed off. (D)'s, on the other hand, blocked a bill that aimed to 'fire' (D)'s which the (R)'s cited as not doing a good job toward the veterans. Big difference on reasons for blocking a bill.

You can search on both parts from here:

See, if we had more folks around here like me who are willing to put ALL THE TRUTH out instead of only what they want to favor their party, it would be a better place for open discussion. There's two sides to everything...then there's the whole truth. I like the latter and it takes resourcing both sides to get the whole truth. This means watching the FNC as well as MSNBC and only MATURE individual finds reasons to watch both instead of avoiding one altogether.

I search (R) blog entries as well as (D) blog entries 'cause I wanna know 'why' either side is pushing a particular conversation/agenda. It's so very easy, requiring absolutely no effort, to simply avoid any information contrary to how you roll. Well, you're also avoiding some truth in most cases.

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