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Sunday, January 5, 2014


President Leaves Hawaii, Michelle Obama Stays on as 'Birthday Present'

Is she coming back?

Permanent vacation continues.
Excuse! me a b'day is usually on one day.;)
I'm sick at my stomach with the way the Obama's spend Our Tax Dollars. Oh why not spend the extra cost of security and additional cost to put up her staff. It's not costing Barack a dime.
Her Birthday is not until the 17th, very expensive when you think of all the money it will cost the tax payers.
It is a waste of time and effort for one to worry about something that none of us have control over or can do anything about.
What do you expect from someone who thinks they are "entitled"..?? It is sad that the taxpayers have to continue to put up with this type of useless spending...I calculate that it will cost the taxpayers approx. an additional $5million for this sad...!!!
So LiLSpeedy, That's all you have to say about that waste of Tax Payers money. One can't worry about it so let them have their way and abuse us all?!?!?!
You'd follow him off a cliff wouldn't you?
No, I find no comfort in complaining 24/7, 365 days a years and never once offering a viable solution. This isn't about tax money, it's about jealousy.>
There is a viable solution. They should do the right thing and think about all the people that see the Obama's a just ripoffs of our taxes for their own pleasure.
It is about our Tax Dollars! Jealousy! WHAT!! Just another stupid answer.
Your viable answer is stupid because your logic is flawed.
The Bushes were millionaire and no buzz about all his vacating ,sound like sour milk and picking and choosing who you care uses the almighty taxes dollar. Be original and just say "I hate to see this particular family enjoy their live".(side eye);)
Both the Bush's took vacations on their own properties. The Obama's, Hawaii multiple times, Spain, France, Africa, Aspen, Bahamas, Mexico... Should I continue?
Obama is a millionaire also. Made lots of money while in office.
He don't have Bushes Millions and beside the Obamas consider Hawaii their second home since their families are there.;)
liluv, what has it got to do with their personal wealth anyway. We're talking about Tax Payers money and the abuse thereof.
Thraddock, I do believe you were the one that wrote about personal property ,being the Bushes vacating on their own property, so I said the Obama consider Hawaii their home also, since family are there. Really we should be feeling for all those people who have no income today due to the neglect of the Congress.
lilluv - the difference is Bush did not spend a fortune getting to his ranch. He did not pay to stay at his ranch.
lilluv, you don't have to tell me about not having income. I haven't been able to find work in over 15 Months. I haven't drawn unemployment for over 7 Months. It's not Congresses fault. You can't just keep paying people not to work. It's the economies fault. But Obama doesn't care, he's been on vacation. Someday I'll be on welfare, and YOU will be paying for it.
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