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Monday, January 20, 2014


Obama: Some folks don't like me because I'm black

I don't like you because you got way to greedy, you're taking way to much money out of our checks, you lied to us over and over again, your spying on us, you left 4 Americans to fend for themselves and eventually die in Benghazi, you let your buddy holder give guns to a Mexican drug cartel, they killed several innocent people including A border agent. You and the EPA are screwing with the coal companies, thus causing higher heating bills, your allowing the federal reserve to flood the economy with printed out of thin air money, causing extreme inflation.
You had the chance to be the greatest leader the world has ever seen, to heal the wounds and remove the scars of racial tensions, you and the Democrats made it worse, playing the race card at ever given chance.
You had the chance to put America back to work, instead you pushed welfare, you pushed for free and easy, let the rich take care of you, but it's the middle class the got slapped in the face, small business got slapped in the face.
Oh and the crony capitalism, bails outs and throwing tax dollars in one failed solar energy company after another.
And poor Sandra Fluke, oh yes the war on women, poor girl goes to an Ivy League school and needs me to provide her with birth control, why didn't she tell anyone that she would be stepping into a $160,000.00 a year job after she graduated from her Ivy league school.
The lies are so countless I don't have time to list them all,
Biggest one, " if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance" remember that.
Every single person in Congress who voted to put obamacare into law without reading it belongs in prison.
Let's talk about the NDA, Where Americans can be detained forever with no lawyer, no phone call, no Judge, no Jury, as far as I am concerned, you Mccain, and Grahme all belong in prison for that one, you stripped us of our Constitutional rights by executive fiat.
You kneel before commies and dictators, you let Putin mop the floor with you, how shameful!
You had the chance of a lifetime, and you blew it.
Oh, for the troll with eye problems
side eye, pie eye, blinky eyes, squinty eyes, rolling eyes,
Sully....I could not have said it better....THANK YOU for your comments...!!!
Sully, I commend you for your stance! I know, I could not have said it any better. What really scorches my ass, besides a 3 foot flame, is to watch the TV commentator's, keep kissing his ass, instead of holding him accountable, for his poor decisions.
posted by sully16 : 10:48 AM

Total respect for your thoughts Sully, couldn't have said it better...
Not because he's black, because he's a total CHARLATAN.
Sully - perfect.
Sully rocks!
I agree with Sully. Obama being Black has nothing to do with the reason I dislike him. I have many Black friends that dislike him just a much as I do. They fell let down. They really believed Obama was going to do the right thing and make a change. So Sad.
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