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Friday, September 27, 2013


Ted Cruz now leads GOP presidential pack

More qualified than that liar in office now.
Take it from some one who will be voting a very long time it will never happen too radical. He 's out of touch with American like me ,we will be the majority sooner than you think , it will never happen, what a waste of money on his education that could have did so much good in the hands of a revisionary . What a waste of space between the ears just gray mass.< \/?><\/>
He ain't leading anything.I can't even believe someone could believe that
.if anything,he's ensuring another democratic win in 2016.

Repubs need to get their sh*t together and abandon all this elite-ist stuff and make an attempt to remember how life was before they blew someone to get into the position their in .
The more they keep pushing these morons to the forefront,the more the average personcan't stand them.

Had they put as much emphasis on Mr Paul instead of that fu*knoid Romney,the future probably wouldn't seem so bleak
Doesn't matter what the RINO's and the Libs and the Dems and other assorted loons think.
Worrying about nonsense like their opinions is what gets us candidates like senile old McCain.
We need somebody to right the ship cuz we are going down, folks.
If we can't win with Cruz, it really doesn't matter cuz the "go along to get along" crowd ain't gonna do the job even if they get in.
And the free-stuff-hyenas are already licking their chops to finish off Uncle Sam.
I'd rather lose running a good man than win with another Democrat in Republican's clothing.                 We Tennesseans know the frustration of that with our two illustrious sellouts in the US Senate.

Your Freudian Slip, ----> "revisionary" was very telling.
That's what you call a Democrat writing history books.
Ted Cruz, I don't think so.
Yeah, he wouldn't be your cup of tea.
No free stuff.
And you'd have to support yourself.
Bummer, huh?
It's clear that you hate Cruz because he's Hispanic.
Don't be a racist.
Warning: Bigot alert.

There he goes again, our local racist, LiLPeePee, trying to start racial strife.
Trying to divide and turn friends against each other based on race.
Now he's mad cuz Repubs might run a Hispanic and he hates Hispanics.
Well I got news for you, LiLPeePee, we all like each other here no matter what race each of us is and you're not going to change that.
If you don't like Hispanics, that's your problem, Buster.
Warning: Bigot alert. You are fooling no one but yourself.

No, Mr Racist.
We will have an Hispanic President and your hate will not stop it.
Si se puedo!
Si se puedo!
Si se puedo!
Viva la raza!
Don't go to sleep bigot..we will be up all night.
Who are you kidding? The math is not there. It will be hard to win with two repub parties...too much jealously involved. Repubs versus tea partiers, this will be fun to watch them destroy each other like frogs and crickets in a shoe box. Yessiree bob.
Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Si podemos! Viva la revolucion!!!!!!!!! Viva Cruz!!!!!!! Arriba andale andale!
Why are you so concerned about our Hispanic candidate, LiLPeePee?
You sound worried.
Relax, stop the hate and have a burrito, mi amigo.
DEEP THROAT, You just don't learn bigot. Bigots hate Hispanic too. That is why they are so against immigration reform. Tell that BS to someone else sucker.
All I know is I'm supporting the Hispanic and you're supporting the lily-white candidate, LiLPeePee.
That would make YOU the bigot.
Don't be a bigot and a sellout, LiLPeePee, support the Hispanic, not those lily-white rich folks .
We've come too far and I ain't no ways tired.
Don't stay on Whitey's Plantation, LiLPeePee, think for yourself.

Don't stop Deep Throat, you have a long way to go and all day to get there. YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-Ahhhahahahahahahahahah
Stop sucking up to the rich white folks, LiLPeePee.
Join me and stick it to the man!
Don't sellout!
I think ms. speedy has a problem. Hillary would have ms. speedy ironing her pant suits and washing her skivvies, on the other hand Ted Cruz would have a beer and a conversation with ms. speedy.
Warning: Bigot alert!

No warning necessary LiLPeePee, we knew you were here with your message of anti-Hispanic bigotry.
But you really shouldn't be so proud of being a bigot that you announce it to everybody.
That's not helpful, my tiny little friend.
ms. speedy, hillary would also have you cleaning her toilets and bringing her and huma glasses of chard and trays of baguettes and brie, then she would have you rubbing their feet while they giggle. And if you ironed her pant suit poorly she would dock your pay.

On the other hand Ted Cruz would lower your taxes and leave you alone to do whatever you please.
You were wrong twice before. This time won't make it any better. SAD.
You'll learn to like Hispanics, LiLPeePee.
Trust me, they're nice people.
Stop the hate.
You had a Hispanic available at the last election, but you chose a white female instead. Hispanics do not forget. They will not let a party use them like the repubs plan to. They will reject you and anyone that represents you, even if they are Hispanic. You had your chance and blew it. SAD.
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