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Monday, September 2, 2013


Sex between teachers and students should not be a crime

Sex between a teacher and student should always be a crime. That is a betrayal of trust, immoral, lowdown, and nasty. It is a scourge on the teaching profession. This is coming from a retired teacher of 31 years.
Interesting views in this piece...and she's very honest. Girls experience the same urges as boys in their intensities which is just a natural part of growing...which is where the crime is in my opinion. Teachers know when boys/girls are going through those phases and they have an advantage. In the end, no one wants their child's virginity taken by the person who's suppose to be educating, guiding, and trusted by them.
Speedy, have you noticed how when we 'intelligent' people post under entries like this, and make just as much sense as in other entries, there's no friction? Every encounter we experience has been under race-based entries...unless it was black on black I was coming down on black folks. This speaks volumes.
LL, the hypocrisy is so thick until one can cut it with a butter knife.
Not between teachers and students.
I dated a teachers daughter one time with the parent being one of my teachers. We quit dating before the end of the school year. I will not do that again, LOL
Teaching hate for over thirty years, great accomplishment!!!! Be proud, very proud.

You don't possess the brains or the management skills to do what I have done. You wouldn't last 1 hour in a class of 30 to 35 eight graders. This I know from experience.
BTW, I have numerous awards from my tenure as a teacher. I even have a picture of me with a republican Governor receiving the teacher of the year what have you accomplished or contributed to society? I'm waiting....LOL
A teacher with an ego the size of Alabama, the racist zeal of a che, and the hubris of a mussolini. Those kids were very fortunate.
Those kids were fortunate to have me as their teacher. They constantly tell me as an adult how I had a positive affect on their life. This is white and Black former students. You are too busy being a bigot to contribute anything positive to society. I feel sorry for you. It's your fault if you had a bad experience in school. Maybe if you had tried to be a better person as a child, instead of a jerk, someone would have taken some time with you. But you're so racists until you repel white and black alike. SAD. I'm through talking to you. I don’t argue with Idiots... They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
And you always have the last word..................................and once again you project your arrogant racist self on to others, lil' teacher your braggart ego has prevented you from learning anything new a long time ago, I am nothing like you, you know nothing about me.

PS lil' teacher read what you write before you paradiddle the post comment button.
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

Shut up Stupid.
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