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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Principal tackles student in fight

That's how you handle Democrat kids bullying the good kids.
He should get an award.
You know nothing about breaking up fights in a school setting. Only a professional would know what to do without being sued.
Pussies like you worry about being sued.
Men take care of business.
Just stay the hell out of the way if you can't make a decision, numbnuts.
Men like you would get fired or get shot by student or parent. How many fights have you broken up. None. I can't remember the number of fights that I have broken up. I never got hurt or sued, but most of all I never hurt a CHILD. Real men don't have to do that to a kid.
If a janitor like you ever touched my kid, you wouldn't get sued, you'd get your ass kicked - real good.
Believe that.
LiLPeePee said:

"most of all I never hurt a CHILD. Real men don't have to do that to a kid."

So you think dismembering living babies doesn't HURT them?

Sticking an instrument in their skull and scrambling their brains doesn't HURT them?

Crushing their skulls with a forceps doesn't HURT them?

Burning them to death with a lethal salt solution doesn't HURT them?

Twisting the head off of a living, breathing baby doesn't HURT him?

YOU are a MAN?

No, you're no man.

A real man protects babies from monsters like you who do things like that to kids.

You're just an evil, twisted, heartless, soulless mutha-fkr.

And someday you'll answer for it, mutha-fkr.

Face it Deep Throat, you are nothing more than a one issue cyber coward hiding behind a computer screen. Your BS don't work with me punk.
If standing up for the lives of babies who are being slaughtered by self-absorbed, evil, worthless pukes like you is a vice, I plead guilty.
And if you ever dared to harm a child in my presence, I'd kick your teeth down your fkn throat, jagoff.
You can take that to the bank.
Oh, you are so stuff behind that computer screen, darn COWARD.
Try killing a baby in front of me sometime, @sshole.
Try harming one hair on the head of any child and see what happens.
More BS...not worth responding to bigot.

Yeah, you're a real tough guy with women and kids and babies.
I guarantee you wouldn't make a peep in front of me.

Warning: bigot alert.
Shut up Stupid.
Warning: Bigot alert.
baby-killer alert.
Warning: Bigot alert.
I said faster dummy!
Don't go to sleep bigot..we will be up all night.
Don't stop Deep Throat, you have a long way to go and all day to get there. YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-Ahhhahahahahahahahahah
Keep going and keep doing 2 for every 1 from me. LOL.
Don't stop Deep Throat, you have a long way to go and all day to get there. YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-Ahhhahahahahahahahahah
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