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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Obama Blames Iraq for 'Challenging' Case in Syria

I think President Obama needs to look in his own foreign policy closet.
Supported Arab spring in how many countries? Look at the end result when those leaders were thrown out.
Assad may be bad but he is better than the insurgents. Assad would not need to be bad if the radical population behaved themselves. Constant power struggle.

He's a failure just like his foreign policy is...!
It's no secret that his foreign policies are lacking...he's trying too hard to be nice and please everyone. He can't afford to be overly tough because if you take the present situation with Syria, they've already pinned him with the 'war president' title.

As far as Syria is concerned relating to Iraq, he's dead on and every (R) knows least the intelligent ones do. Michael Berry called it perfectly today...he said there's a shame which hovers over this country now due to the Iraq war. He posed the question, "What were our soldiers even fighting for? We 'toppled' Saddam and stayed there nearly ten years allowing our soldiers to be killed."

There's much more, but you get the point because I touched on this elsewhere with more of his quotes on that deal. Only real men have pecans large enough to call that for what it really was/is, and, to properly check Bush for those actions. The rest have peanut butter for spines. Granted, people like me were requisitioned to support the mission...and were tickled to death to go and be around soldiers in that way again.

Anyhow, folks are simply just tired of being bamboozled into wars and it's why folks aren't biting on Syria...but this could come back and bite us. I'm gonna play devil's advocate and hope congress votes no on a strike. Then, when things jump off again, and they will, and 'our' interests are attacked with chemical weapons...and our troops must be subjected to them, it will be hell to tell the captain for congress.

It's gonna happen...those people have been giving us hints for a long time now. In 2010, Assad said that 'congress'will get in the way of Obama and Syria. It resurfaced just two days ago. This is why Obama nearly went around congress...and they really don't want to remember this like everyone else does.

It's the underlying reason why the Sean's and Rush's keep saying that Obama is the laughing stock...yet neither of them has yet mentioned that quote by Assad. Trust me, Ba-Ba ain't as weak as folks think. He plays opossum very well.
LL, those of us that have served in the military knows how the military works and thinks, those that has not like Rush, Sean, and a few others can only offer advice from what they read on some right wing web site and regurgitate it. President Obama is ignoring the comments of the uniformed. There is a saying, "He who indulges in a task without proper knowledge will deteriorate rather than improve the case. "
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