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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Juan Williams shuts down Benghazi hype at Fox News: 'It's gone, baby. It's all in your head'

Juan is good guy, but the kool aid is strong with him.
Yeah, I watched that exchange when it was on. Enjoyed every second of the it.
We need more republicans to get fired up in congress like that. Democrats spread the sh!t and republicans eat it.
I want to see a good fist fight on the floor of congress. Democrats have been spitting out bullsh!t long enough.
Okay, let's call it right. (R)'s spread it, too, and the (D)'s step in it, slip and fall down in it, and then have to listen to (R)'s tell 'em they're 'full of s**t' in cases like Syria right now...just like in Iraq. It's cool to have a little bias to your party, but there's a fine line between that and that 'line of bullsh+t'. Benghazi was a case of protecting our own interests which is why I suppose our men were told to stand down. We didn't have a full-on, or, normally adequate security force there because it's the HOST NATION'S JOB to provide protection when such instances take place.

Not trying to give anyone a pass or pacify the incident, but that's fact. Look at Iraq...we still have Americans and contractors there with a very limited military presence. We have trained and provided weapons to the Iraqi forces to protect both their interests and ours. Same thing applies to Afghanistan...which is why we're trying to get away from there. It's their turn to be on the front line with all the training and weaponry provided. Benghazi was no different...things just wrong sometimes. When foreign dignitaries visit this country, it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THEM...period. If something were to go terribly wrong, it's not going to be blamed on the president, or his constituents, of THEIR COUNTRY...WE'RE THE HOST NATION.

One day, common sense will be back in style. Fortunately, it never left some of us...though a very small percentage. Of this small percentage, a few simply enjoy going against the grain just to spite and enjoy the 'wagon' ride...hence, 'when the blind lead the blind'. The 'wagon' has always contained more people that know better, but won't 'stand up' and speak out because they're afraid of being pushed off the 'wagon'. Takes a strong man to stand up, and hold on, on a bumpy ride with hands all over him...trying to get rid of him.

Last man standing...there's yet another grave risk to doing this, though. He's an easy target for someone in the brush waiting for the 'wagon' to pass by...and someone that is evil, scared, weak, and two-faced wants to see that man's 'demise'. Pathetic.
The vote
If the people of the U.S. are niave enough to put NOBAMA in the White House, you deserve everything that you're going to get.

I don't care if you're an elephant or Jack-ass, this man will do five times as much harm to this country than any other man has ever done. I hate to say this, but even if NOBAMA is elected, there is some nut-case out there who wants to be a martyr and will succeed in eliminating him. I don't want that to happen but this is reality in this erratic world..

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From that all the way to this...or maybe it was actually there all the time:

Comment by MADDOG10 - Yesterday, 8:48 pm
The coward can go on a 1 million dollar vacation and then some, but he's going to slash the pay raises of our Military. It will be heart warming to SEE his demise.!!!!

That under the 'Obama Slashes Pay Raises For Military' entry...just public information here for proper reference. Bush did much worse than this and please do your diligence and check the link to validate. I can't find anywhere where anyone would've like to have seen Bush's 'demise' for cutting soldiers' 'imminent danger pay' and 'family separation pay' during a time of war. Like I said, it's a form of cancer just eatin' away.
LL,you are right on Q there are discussion in class about some of what has become the normal for an hatful and unprecedented reaction and tone to this President being the 1st African American President. We are taking blogs notes from a number of wedsites and researching them for the accuracy and the truth ,when it come to some sites it's really hard just for the reason you pointed out. We have draw one conclusion on some as lack of intellectual abilities.
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