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Monday, September 30, 2013


House Republicans Really Believe Democrats Will Cave On Obamacare To Avoid A Government Shutdown

Obama will shut down America to satisfy his ego. His objective is to trash the republican party at any cost.
The repubs will contribute to their own demise by being obstructionists. The American people will not forget in 2014 and 2016.
The obstructionist to Hitlers rise to power met their demise once Hitler took full power.
They are doing the same things that caused them to lose the last election as if they didn't learn a thing. sad.
The democrats are having some of their own voters turn on them now that they see how the dem policies are affecting them.

Jap, the American and German people faced two totally different kinds of obstructionists.
Hitler had political agenda obstructionists.
Pesident Obama has political agenda obstructionists.
Hitler's obstructionists were rebelling against a Nazi form of government, ours is for selfish reasons unrelated to political agenda.
We're objecting to a fascist government, rife with corruption and festering with evil.
This is typical repub BS and pessimism. Only the russivits believe it.
Any shutdown will be caused by Harry (@sshole) Reid.
The repubs are letting the tea partiers punk them out. SAD.
Put it this way. The house passed the bill to the senate, and the SENATE will cause the shutdown because of their arrogance to the Republicans. SO, folks the shutdown won't be on the Republicans shoulders it will be on the Democrats and their assistance to keep Obamacare, well then be our guests....!!!!!
Obamacare goes into effect whether the government shuts down or not...IT IS ALREADY FUNDED.
I bet even Obama is surprised at how fast he's destroying this country.
The country is destroyed is the minds of pessimists only. GOD is still in control.
This shut down is due stupid people like the Republican following even stupider people like Ted (TED the teddybear) Curz. Just d*mn right stupid he will never be President and rightly so ,Harvard or not this idiot is an ego idiot.
You just hate Hispanics, lilluv.
LOL ! RDGRR why are you up this late, I know why I am, have to pass a test tomorrow ;)
Lilluv, he don't need a reason, bigots never do. He hates Blacks and Hispanics and enjoys using racial slurs.
I love everybody, LiLPeePee.

You're lucky I don't hate stupid people though.

BTW, are you voting for the Hispanic next time like I am or the super-rich, lily-white, multi-millionaire?

Just wondering...
You're voting for the so-called lily white and you know it.
Nope, I'm voting for the Hispanic!
Si se puede!
Si se puede!
Si se puede!
Ay! Ay! Ay!
Comer mi la carne, El Puto!
Cinco de Mayo!
Warning: Bigot alert! Deep Throat trending....shhhhhhhhhh

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