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Monday, September 9, 2013


George Zimmerman Detained By Police After Wife Said He Threatened Her Family With a Gun Assaulted..

Consider the source again. If he has done this he'll be the one to pay, But on the other hand If SHE just said these things to make herself look better, than she will pay the ultimate, because she's already on probation for perjury.. Better hope it's not just a sham..
Yeah, it makes you wonder about this one.
Maybe she got paid a handsome sum for this allegation.
Something is fishy, he can't be that dumb.
It's only a matter of time ,before this murderer will be joining OJ and then Castro. Good ridden to the Trash Hero for the "Stupids" racist low IQ crowd.
Wake up and smell the coffee racist. There was no Gun and he didn't punch her father. Maybe you ought to read carefully before you open your racist mouth.
No one knows GZ better than his wife. First, Trayvon was vilified, now his wife. The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.
I called this a long time ago. This man is a wife beater, cop beater, child molester, and a murderer...period. I tried to warn the 'low information' listeners about this man's traits and was told a long story about some trumped up facts speakin'. (1) I find it very odd that no one card about his wife's perjury upon initial discovery. (2) She lied because she was afraid of him and didn't know what the hell she was gonna do...and I told everyone she was gonna start talkin' at some point. (3) Hypocrisy is workin' overtime once again on this bullsh*t a$$ case.

Now, check this out. The same sources that were reporting all the Zimmerman/Trayvon developments then are the one's reporting now. Back then EVERYTHING FOR ZIMMERMAN, according to a certain 'clique', that was reported was absolutely true and uncontested...hands down. Now that Zimmerman is boiling hot water for yet another gun-provoked incident, the same sources that are now reporting this are DISCREDITED by the same people which believed them before.

I keep telling you the truth about these wishy-washy, flim-flam, empty-skimpty people. A vast majority of a certain type of people just simply hate to be wrong...even when it's right in their face. They must hold their course, as the plow behind the mule, as they're committed. All the while, the consequences of being sh*t on more and more is an acceptable reward for their loyalty.

If it surfaces that Zimmerman has assaulted yet another officer while detained, they will say that the officer must have been in the wrong...and provoked Zimmerman. Watch how this story plays out.
They had a fight the night before he murdered Trayvon Martin and his wife had left him and was staying at her father's house when it happened.
@LL, She committed perjury attempting to hide money, they had collected on their website, fact. This has nothing to do with Zimmerman's trial, he was innocent, fact.
GZ's character has always been in question. He hoodwinked and BS his they are too proud to admit that he made a big fat fool out of them...he also made them pay him for doing it....I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so a year ago.
Now, There was no GUN at the scene, what are all you racist going to come up with now. Oh Yea LL 's going to tell us exactly how this happened. Janet, is going to tell us exactly how many crabs he had in his crotch the night in question. And speedo is going to keep looking in the mirror and continue to say " I hate to tell you I told you so, but I told you a year ago". Now, Travon was where he shouldn't have been, became the aggressor, got shot , Died, GZ found not Guilty.!!!!!
End of story, move on, nothing new here. Get over it...!
God gave you two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you talk.
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