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Monday, September 23, 2013


Boy suspended for using airsoft gun in his own front yard

Another episode of "DEMOCRATS GONE WILD!"

I'm assuming every male teacher at the school (They're all Democrats cuz it's a woman's job) pissed in his pants when he heard the word gun and then went into full Nervous-Nellie fluster-fit panic-mode and called 911.

They'll demand maximum punishment because any boy who plays with guns might grow up to be normal and not vote Democrat. They have to be severely punished.

Get used to the Democrat Police State where your kids can't even play in their own yard without Democrats calling the cops if they don't approve of their chosen toys, legal or not.
This whole democratic thiasco has got to stop. They make fools out of themselves without doing anything. Not only themselves are made to look stupid, they're making the people who voted for them look equally as stupid...!
Yep another wacky episode, little Bobby gets an intervention, strip him of his masculinity and get that easy bake oven on.
You all are trying too hard. You are not making any progress with your agenda. You need a new strategy or plan. SAD.
LilSpeedy you are right ,this group is a study in progress for us, their always whining about the Democrats and Liberals as through they are their keeper ,we have notice how they agree with everything the crazies say. Always harping about babies and personal lives of people who are minding their own business, when the babies with no brain get here or all the raped babies get here they would deny them food and healthcare hypocrites to the bones, i was told about them before coming on this site, that's the reason I have nothing for people who claimed they work harder than anyone else ,yes with their lies and distorted old out of touch mind.
That's right, lilluv, I'm always harping about the babies.
And you're always killing them.
But we, the good people, stopped you evil people from imposing slavery on innocent human beings.
And we, the good people, will stop you evil people from killing innocent babies too.
Just because you evil people made abortion legal doesn't make it right.
Remember, slavery was legal too until the good people stopped it.
And we WILL stop it.
How do you live with yourself?
I'm glad you were not around during slavery, because you are not and never will be one of the so-called good people.
We ended the Democrats' legal slavery and we will end the Democrats' legal baby-killing.
And then we will stop you sodomites from marrying each other.
And we will bring God back into our schools and public squares.
Get used to it, LiLEvilOne.

Typical repub BS.

Learn it, live it, love it, troll boy.
You wouldn't have the balls to kill a baby in front of me, son.

Typical cyber talk by cyber coward.
Shut up Stupid.
Warning: bigot alert.
Shut up Stupid.
Warning: Bigot alert.
SMD (S___ My D___)
Warning: Bigot alert.
OK, now you will respond to my Acronyms.
Remember, don't stop til I tell you.
Here's your first prompt: SMD
Don't go to sleep bigot..we will be up all night.
Don't stop Deep Throat, you have a long way to go and all day to get there. YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-Ahhhahahahahahahahahah
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