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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Black Woman Infamously Denied Stand Your Ground Defense Gets New Trial

I don't like people who take pictures of themselves all the time.

Something wrong there.


I always wonder if they had the money if they'd hire a photographer to follow them around taking pictures of them all day and then spend the evening sitting around looking at themselves.

I mean like, what else do you do with pictures you take of yourself? Wouldn't it be weird to show them to other people? Like the picture of the lady in this article. It's a picture she took of herself sitting in a car. Does she put it in a photo album? Does she carry it around in her purse to show people? How does she present it?

"Hey Larry, look at this picture of me in the car."

Oh yes, nice picture, you look very nice. Where were you?

"On Main Street, at a stoplight."

Oh. Who took the picture?

"I did."

Oh. Why?

"Oh, no reason really, I just thought people would enjoy seeing some candid pictures of me."

Maybe it's to re-live memories when you're old and gray and sitting around with the grandkids.
"Look, here's me in a car."
"Look, here's me in a chair."
"Look, here's me on a couch."
"And this pile of pictures are all of my face, smiling."
"Ah, those were the good old days."   

Wow, Mamaw, who took all those pictures of you?

"I did."


So I don't know if I'd believe this lady's story.
Predictable response. SAD.

Boring response. Incredibly SAD.
Warning: Bigot alert.
Warning: Bigot alert.
Be nice, LiLPeePee.

Stop with the racism, LiLPeePee.
There's no need for that here.
Try to get along with others or go somewhere else and spew your racial hatred.
You're no better than anybody else here.
We all accept each other as we are and we all get along.
If you don't like that then leave.
Warning: Bigot alert.
Bed time old fart..I know you had to take your meds. You can finish when you wait up.
Try to be nice LiLPeePee.
We're all the same here - human beings.
That language isn't helpful.
Name-calling does not help either. What you do to me, you will get right back.
Shut up Stupid.
See what I mean Bigot, you can't help yourself.
There you go again.
You need to practice what you preach bigot.

I do.
Don't stop Deep Throat, you have a long way to go and all day to get there. YUK-YUK-YUK-YUK-Ahhhahahahahahahahahah
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