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Friday, August 23, 2013


World War Two veteran, 88, brutally beaten by two teenagers in 'random attack' in parking lot

Just some guys out for a walk that decide to kill somebody.
"What difference does it make"
I have yet to see the NAACP address this issue, or brotha Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton give us their opinion of the racial profiling on this matter. Maybe the Hussein administration will make an official comment on this. If I had a white uncle on my momma's side, he would look like Mr. Belton! They are ALL phoneys" !I'll be waiting...
To this Administration, if your not black or Muslim, it's not worth mentioning..   Real...!
They shouldn't comment on anything , but they only comment if it's going to be advantageous to them.!
I'd say their punishment would be the same as they gave to this veteran.
Where's the two faced BASTO now? He can call the person who talked this kid out Georgia to Give up, but the slimeball won't utter a word on this. Karma will come back 10 fold...
Breaks my heart. Where's Obama, Sharpton and Jackson.
Can all these killings by these young black men be coming bite the race baiters in the ass, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Oprah. Were all these good , nice youn black men raised in welfare homes. Do they all remind them of Trayvon? We need some more Zimmerman's on patrol. there
My family in Seattle said they have arrested one of the thugs. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Belton. God Bless Mr. Belton.
There was no hate crime commited here in OK ,however in Trayvon Martin case it was a "Murder",a murderer is on the loose . People need to get the real facts before bumping their gums the three thugs as you would say was one "White" two "Black".News coming from Faux News and Drudge report is just that no News just made up sh*t cause they hate this President. Now! that's facts read about it in the real news. :")
I am surprised that Lil Speedo and his butt buddy Lucky Loser hasn't responded.
Real news is in front of your eye's, all you have to do is take off your friggen sunglasses and turn off your O-phone and look around. Actions speak louder than words...!!!   LOOK   LOOK...
Lucky ain't one-sided like most folks here, okay. You white folks get quiet and won't post a word when it's the other way around...and you know it. When it's bad, I call it bad no matter what the color is and my posts reflect that. The crime is senseless and ignorant...they deserve to be put to death because that man died from his injuries. He did nothing to provoke or deserve that at all.

It's no different than the guy that shot the 80 year old man in the leg recently when trying to rob him. He should die...and he's black far as I know. Let me tell you something, reddog. I will always be ten times the man than you can ever wish to be because I'm fair on issues..and I have the balls to call it right, You have no guts, balls, no backbone...NOTHING. Get one of the three, then come and talk to me.
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