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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Why do people still fly the Confederate flag?

That was actually a pretty balanced article. Color me surprised.
We were proud to have fought for States Rights. The flag is in memory of the loss. Now see where we are!
"" African-American author Clenora Hudson-Weens saw people waving the flags on the street in Memphis a few weeks ago. "I just said to them 'This is 2013' and they just smiled. I personally believe in some traditions but this is a tradition that is so oppressive to blacks. I wouldn't be proud waving a flag that has an ambience of racism and negativity.""
I don't see an ambience of racism, or negativity in the flag at all. It is not what the flag represents. I've seen racism and hatred by the KKK, but not for what the flags stands for. What about the black soldiers who fought in the civil war, are YOU to take their names and presence in vain because of your racist beliefs also?. The flag doesn't stand for racism period..! The only racism and hatred is brought on by the blacks and their beliefs. Do the blacks also hate the Dutch flag ? the Union (Jack) flag the Stars and Stripes also? All these were a part of slavery. So, after all is said and done, what once was but no longer, is still being harbored by many as a symbol for what was done to them. As the Lady aptly put it, this is 2013...!
Most people that fly the flag dont know what it stands for. Im white and i will never do anything to cause trouble between blacks and whites. Most of the guys I have talk to that fly or show the flag say they fly it to let other people know they dont like blacks. We should all get along with all our brothers and sisters because when we die and go to heaven or hell we may all be black or white, and heaven is where I will be, I know cause the lord told me so.
The people that fly that Confederate flag ,know dang well what their doing that why it's offensive and an ambience of racism to not only Blacks ,but decent God fearing and not God fearing Whites also. It was a dark and shameful period in American History .The American people have and still trying to go forth as champion of human rights, shame on some of you with this nonsense about they was better for being here as slaves ,that is the Blacks. I will write a book soon to let the still uneducated Whites that they can scream from the top of Mount Everest about the Blacks condeming the White America for their shameful past is past ,it will always be there for the world to read the History.
Would you like some Kleenex and Cheese with your whine? As an Africa America author just wrote, wake up this is 2013...!
Warning: bigot alert.
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