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Friday, August 23, 2013


Obama: Congress Has Two Jobs, But Too 'Worried About' 'Rush Limbaugh' to Do Them

The repubs are the only ones afraid of dopey Rush. The Democrats and independents could care less about anything that Jake the fat man has to say.
The Democrats don't listen dumb lump of sh*t. If so they couldn't get rid of the stink!
Rush just had his contract renewed.
And trust me, Lil Speedo, the high information members on this site could care less what you and your butt buddy lucky limpy have to say.
He's absolutely correct with that assessment. Those yellow bellies are, in fact, worried about the possible influence of El Rushbo. Lies get around much faster than the truth as you know...and they're afraid of a brutal truth coming back to bite 'em. Rush is an artist that tells you the actual truth at times but guises it with ridicule to no avail. You have to study this guy and compare audios daily to catch what he does.

Rush has performed lobotomies on most folk here which are (E)...not conservatives or (R). They have no idea of what's really going on, and, what's about to happen...just clueless. Then, we have scalded-dog here talkin' about the 'high information' listeners and how they could care forth and so on. You three-legged dumb azz...I listen to, and, record all the same bullsh*it that you and all your wanna be high information listeners are absorbing every day.

I have Glenn, Rush, Sean, Neil, Kirby, and both Michael Savage/Berry to sift through. So, in essence, if this is your "high information" then that must make me a high information member as well. Rush is Tea baggin' you so hard that his pecans are just sore...and empty. "Two" If By Tea, while I'm at it. See, an INTELLIGENT individual listens to BOTH SIDES of what's being said and COMPARES to find the MOST TRUTH within the issue at hand.

This would be me. You, THE PLOW BEHIND THE MULE, just goes where ever the hell you're being pulled...and you always think you're plowing on the high ground in fertile soil. Truth is, you're BEHIND THE VERY ONE THAT CAN AND DOES s**t ALL OVER YOU WHEN THEY'RE GOOD AND READY. You can't avoid it, either, because you're so very well ATTACHED to your MOTIVATION. The only thing I'm attached to is investigating information very carefully to properly gauge my end decisions.

All these rabid dogs around here just runnin' loose. Reminds me of old Cujo...that mutherf'cker was bad!!! But, he lost in the end...didn't he? Take notes. Yeah, they could care less to the point that they blocked me from posting mere opinions...and Speedy as well. Those actions speak louder than anything said here or anywhere else. In one word...FEAR.

Empty sacks between yours, and your buddies' legs.

and you loser have transparent sacks/egg sacks?......can see right through them. nobody gives a fuque what you write.
Apparently, jarasan, they do...proof is in the pudding. You're such an eager dumb azz like the rest of 'em...trying too hard to h8 and thinking you have an angle. I said absolutely nothing about transparency. No fu'ckn wonder.
Lucky Loser you have a point . I have notice when you're not in the same mind set as some they attack with vengeance,repeating the talking points of complete idiots to try to make a point that isn't there,all i can say is one track mind.
Comments #8,9. Still nobody gives a fuque what dolts write, the both of you are irrelevant, ignorant, and parrots of the grand libtard crap rhetoric. Try joining the real world and you could someday again learn to be happy.

You've got to keep the STAGE world and YOUR real world SEPARATED or you're headed for trouble.

                                                                                                 George Strait
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