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Saturday, August 31, 2013


L.A. Times: Democrats 'Led the Passage of Civil Rights Legislation' in the Sixties?

Rewriting history. Liberals sure know how to lie right out of their anal canal.
The repubs have a monopoly about lying about history; especially Black History.
Did you learn that on the BET channel?
No, it was part of my post-graduate courses before I was graduated with a masters degree. What about you?
WOW a collage educated useful idiot. Nice work.
What college did you attend? LOL
Time for my Off Topic Rant. Now, we have BO putting the decision to a VOTE to drop the hammers on Syria's azz!! This is the best and most intelligent decision he can make because whether it's stay or play, it'll be the boy's call...just like people have been complaining for it to be. Other president's have taken action WITHOUT congressional consent and there was no backlash but, that won't be chanced here.

Oh, but wait, that won't stop the 'short bus' riders here from finding yet another completely dumb and adolescent angle to complain about. Sean, Rush, and Glenn will lead the way on all this rubbish as always. Michael B will be the most intelligent about it of the three. Sean and Rush will then say, "Here we have a president that cannot make a decision on his own...he's afraid to lead. He'd rather put the burden on Republicans on whether or not we go to war just like the gov't shutdown threat. This man simply cannot lead the country and it's embarrassing!!!" Etc. etc. etc. from their obvious azzes.

All that after calling him weak, timid, apologetic, incapable, unwilling, and allowing this great country to be ridiculed by other countries by not honoring HIS RED LINE. Now that he's pushing back and ready to rock, they complained about him not yet obtaining congressional approval for the use of force but, they didn't cover how other presidents did not.

This get's better by the minute, but it won't get juicy until the talk radio boys return on Tuesday and let loose!!! I'm so ready I can't stand it!! Just watch and see how they squirm, twist, and turn their arguments around now that BO is actually playin' their game better than them...again, as always. Stay phuckin' tuned.
While it is true there was a Democrat president, LBJ, when the civil rights amendment was passed, only a mere 61% house and 69% senate Democrats voted for the amendment while 80% house and 82% senate Republicans voted for it.

Democrats like to pretend that they are today's version of the Republicans of the 60's that passed the civil rights act, but they really need to get their heads out of their collective asses. In actuality, values have changed. Republicans that I know are more concerned with liberty, small government, and personal responsibility. Plus they have no regard of what a person's skin color happens to be. As far as I'm concerned, MLK's dream has been met as witnessed by successful blacks. Democrats, on the other hand, continue to spoil things for blacks and divide everyone up into groups by color, sexual preference, etc, and have made people so dependent on government handouts that it has become institutionalized slavery. Afterall, it was LBJ who said he would make blacks (he used the n word) so dependent on the government they would vote Democrat forever.

I'll also throw in proof of Democrat bigotry and racism by their denial of a speech by the only black Senator because he was Republican and not a member of their plantation mentality. Sure, they sent him an invite, but it was the same invite sent to ALL members of Congress to sit in the audience and listen to their preapproved race baiting speeches.
#'s 6 & 7 don't have the mentality to understand what denial is. They stand behind the ignorance of propaganda , that blacks are still slaves and the whites are still racist. Is this the agenda of the black person today to still be vilified from what happened 300 years ago, not just by whites, but by every color in this country?

You're lack of understanding History, and I don't mean Black History is very common in low information circles. You've tried to rewrite your own History just to fuel your own fire, not that's it done any good but nonetheless you have accomplished one thing just as this President has done and that is dividing this country further and further back into hatred and racism. More so, than any one or group has done in the past 50 years.

If MLK was here and the both of you were to confront him, you'd be cowering after he talked to you, because neither one of you understand it's not a black and white thing. The both of you only want to see how much further you can grab an audience while spewing BS about how evil everyone has been to you for the past 300 years. The both of you go to Church, but what have you learned from going there? By your words, absolutely NOTHING, just occupied space in the pews. If the two of you want to rewrite History, Start TODAY, that's what the dream was all about... MLK was a Man amongst Men, and the both of you with your Education and sarcastic demeanor wouldn't be able to handle the truth about what it takes to be Men amongst others.

I've asked before about how the two of you can come up with your statements without it being in black and white and how it was derived, but each and every time it has fallen on deaf ears. If you're going top make a statement, have something in black or white or statistics to prove it. Don't just blurt something out to make yourselves think you look good. Having an Education means nothing if it's not used for the right perspective to further educate or without proven knowledge of any matter. You can also bring writing into effect but without truth, words are baseless......
MADDOG, buddy, I don't know what the hell you're driving at here 'cause I've discussed nothing about MLK nor the history of blacks here. I'm interested in Syria and all the politics behind Syria because it's very interesting to me...hence my post. In the event that this deal does require occupancy in Syria, I have dibs to go as a contractor to support the brothers and sisters in uniform. This is what is important to me.

What's important to you and your other buddies is searching high and low for all the articles about Obama, black people, and how very bad they are. I mean, you guys literally spend all your time pasting anti-Obama articles and bad/negative things that black people do. Your WHOLE BLOGS are contaminated with it, and, are built upon daily. You know, it must be a very, very boring lifestyle getting up every single day and looking, all day, for Obama stuff which fits into your agenda. Either that, or you simply have nothing else to do with your time. Now, I do see where you play with numbers and such in the main forum, but it's dimly lit compared to the light in your blog.

How do you know I go to Church? Maybe I do, or, just spend lots of time in my Bible to get a proper understanding. You gonna criticize me for that? If MLK was here, buddy, I'd point him right to your's and all your buddies blogs and posts everywhere so he can see that HATRED is still alive and well. Not one white-based criticizing article in any of your blogs as though whites and (R)'s do no wrong and have no faults. Trying to rewrite history? I want fuel my fire? Laughable.

I have no black and white issues, sir, and I'm in a very meaningful relationship with a very intelligent, successful, and beautiful CAUCASIAN FEMALE. I have lots of caucasian male friends and we meet three times during the week to have drinks and discuss politics...intelligently. Great mix of (R), (I), and (D). Can't believe how racist I am to be around all those white folk that hate me. The major difference between you and me is that I surround myself with 'the world' while you stay in 'your world.' You only want to hear things that are appeasing to your agenda and gratify your thoughts.

You refuse to discuss where (R)'s are obviously wrong and have faults...unless they outright agree with (D)'s in some form. Then, and only then you'll take the 'traitor' avenue. You absolutely despise it when the two sides seem to find common ground and it's pathetic. But, you think MLK would like it more that the two sides never get along and have no common ground, don't you? You sure do because your blog/posts reflect it every single day.

So, you want my BLACK AND WHITE statistics, eh? You have 'em already in yours and all your friends' blogs my friend. What y'all are doing is FAR beyond expressing disagreement with Obama's's outright HATRED. You've been 'disagreeing' since the day he even took office and had put nothing into law or policy. Yep, Obama's dividing the country by uniting the gays/lesbians with the rest of the country all while (R)'s are pushing them away based on 'religion.' Hmmmm. Oh, yeah, you're pushing them away with the Bible on the premise of marriage being between a man and a woman.

Wow, no Separation of Church and State to be found here. Those people are humans, citizens, and have the right to do what they want in terms of relationships. In lots cases, they're more committed and successful than heterosexual couples and often have really great credit together. Did MLK ever speak out against gays? They were around in that time as well, you know. I find it amazing, even stunning how you along with Rush, Sean, and Michael utilize MLK as a prop for your base arguments.

But, there's a HUGE PROBLEM. Since you're so pro MLK, buddy, where's all the MLK articles in all of your blogs? Not just one or two...there should be DOZENS since you also find him as the EPITOME OF RIGHT...A MAN AMONGST MEN. Agree or disagree? My blog? Now, you know I don't even use my blog...don't even think about going there. Ahhh, the dream. What you dream about is bashing, hating, and tearing down Obama, (D)'s, and black folks and much as possible while still waking up every day and failing to think about giving thanks to God for allowing you to see yet another day, along with a reasonable portion of your health and strength.

All your health and strength goes into your blog and the results speak loud and blatantly. If anyone downplays the black/white deal, it's me and my posts reflect that every time...and you know it. I may talk real crazy to you and the rest of your goat scrotum friends, but it's because you honestly make me. Be very, very mindful of how you approach me, sir. Your angles are extremely DULL, WEAK, and BORING...I've debated this MLK argument with the best.

You all really do enjoy bringing tooth picks to a machete fight, don't you? It's don't know any better. We patiently await your rebuttal....

OK LOSER, I want you to bring up any of my Blogs that say anything bad about MLK.. Do it now, so all of LP can see what a liar YOU really are.. If you've debated The MLK argument with the best, Then there wouldn't be any reason for you to tout about here , would there?
We here at LP see you as you are so aptly named.   Await no longer...
Oh, by the way MLK stood for something How come none of your blog post about MLK refer to this. I don't have to be careful of how I approach fools, you're doing a better job than I could ever Dream of doing.. And thank you for telling me my Angles? are dull, weak and boring. Where did you ever get the eloquence to talk like a man without a plan?
And when you say " WE " patiently await your rebuttal, Wow, you must have a whole lot of writers in your entourage that worm their way around your enshrined beliefs . Yup, they sure do make you talk crazy don't they?. Well, IMHO I think you're the cutting edge of embattled Lunacy and you definitely need help but of course that's only mans deranged thoughts compared to the multitudes you've got in your closet huh?
Don't that beat all, you posted your thinking's at 1:14 pm today and here it is 3:34 and no word from L.L. at all. Are you having a hard time trying to find something bad That I said about MLK?
Keep trying L.L., you'll surely find something I'm sure that will even satisfy your inquiring mind.
I don't need to rant and rave of how good I am at something like you try to shove down the throats of everyone here at LP. I tell the truth, I don't have to re-write something to make myself feel better as you do, but than again I don't have to wear a mask either.
Also when did I become your " Buddy "? I thank you for the accolades, but NO thanks... I'll just be myself without any drumrolls from you. Let me know when you find something bad that I said about MLK...!
P.S., you and your friend couldn't hold a jock strap next to Mr. King. You two would have to become Men amongst others and that certainly isn't evidenced by your ramblings..   Have a great day.
Yep, MADDOG, just like so many of the Republicans you're very wasteful, unorganized, and have A.D.D apparently. It took you a total of seven-teen minutes and three posts just to get those thoughts out. You get soooo emotional and eager...putting soooo much effort in your toe-to-toe efforts with me that you miss it all. You're a silly man, aren't you? See, I never said that your blogs contained bad things regarding MLK. I asked where are ALL OF THE ARTICLES, not just one or two, since you're suddenly so proud to parade him around now like the rest of your boys. What about Barbara Jordan? Can a brutha get some articles about her over there? She was about the SAME EXACT THING and you're not throwing her up in any of our faces.

It's all about what fits your agendas. You know what? I probably do need help in some areas, but at least I'm man enough to ADMIT IT. I know one thing, though, I don't have a hatred problem...which is why my blog posts don't need a 'sign' everywhere. You do know that hate is a form of cancer, don't you? So, I'm the cutting edge of embattled lunacy. Okay, I'll take that. I'd much rather be ME than the one who's obviously had a labotomy...and continues to try and do battle with ME.

One day, day you'll get it. By the way, he he, your name is also very befitting. I'll leave it there...and no tip necessary.
Yep you're a real man. You seem to forget how you've taken truths and imposed them to your liking huh.   Lobotomy is the correct spelling Mr. articulate. ( Not Labotomy ).. You're no more of a problem to me than a Nat on a dogs Azz. Maybe you're brain dead on agendas but don't you have that turned around to your liking?
Must have bothered you to hear me say your name is appropriate, or otherwise why would come back and say the same about mine? getting a little childish with the tit for tat don't you think?
Just put the garbage in the trash bin on the way out will yah. Thanks.
P.S. isn't their supposed to be a formidable foe before there is battle? I've had formidable foes from Vietnam to where I'm at today, and you Sir DO NOT make the grade. Sorry.
P.P.S.   Also I'm cancer free, because I don't hate anybody, not even you...!
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