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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Does Jesse Jackson Have to Comment on Every Crime in the Country Now?

I like it when people use common sense and apply logic. Her assessment of the TM deal was dead on... and she could've even left out the 'black teenager' part in this particular case. Had they arrested GZ immediately for questioning, like they're supposed to, the outrage would've been ten times less. At any rate, black activism shouldn't be limited to only when there's an interracial crime involved. There should be more involvement with black on black crime as well and this is where the 'meat' of the problem is.

Same color crime doesn't sell very it black, white, hispanic, etc. Folks tend to be passive on that front...especially the media. The Chris Lane shooting is as senseless as lighting an incense in a hog pen. I think the penalty for young kids involved in this level of crime should be increased big time. Today's youth are nothing like when I was young. We were always chasing somebody's ball or someone's daughter.

No! But there are some repubs and tea partiers that live to go tit for tat regardless of what the comment is about. I no longer waste my time with that type of immaturity. Instead I move on or write on my own blog where such nonsense is not allowed.
You sound like two rambling little girls. Blog on.
I rest my case! Sad. Ignorance is Bliss! Moving on....
I also suggest that you read Todd's rules about personal attacks since you are so new to the lottery post. It will enlighten you about what you can and cannot do on the blog.
Yep, he came here and had absolutely no comment on the issue at hand. Rather, he'd rather attack someone that offered very constructive criticism ABOUT THE TOPIC and was decent. I'm a big boy, though, and I'm gonna let him make it...'cause I already have his number. Some people have something to say while others just have to say something. It's all good.
The ignorant going around calling people ignorant is a common practice of the mentally unstable left wing wacko's. It's called "deflecting" and you seem to have carried it to some sort of art form with your blogging on, and on, and on. Before you start trying to school me on what the rules are you should try learning how to read. My use of the words "sound like" implys that I'm voicing my opinion, NOT making a personal attack. But Im sure you are feeling a sence of personal attack at all times, as most unstable people do so just keep pointing your finger and crying about it. boo hoo. boo hoo big baby little school girl.
What a joke LOSER, you're the one who is constantly on here "just saying things"...... As I said you little school girls are just here rambling your trash for the sake of rambling trash. Blog on school girl.
Great news article.
Besides..... How could I add to a discussion between two people who respect what JJ has to say????????????????? What a whinny, slang talking, rambling little moron of a human being. You people actually take these sit-com type scripted shows seriously. You guy really should get counselling. Im outa here. Blog on girls.
Sad, especially since you worship every vile and deceptive word that comes out of dopey Russ's mouth. You're the loser for sure.
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