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Friday, August 30, 2013


Chris Matthews: Obama is everything that a white conservative should applaud

Yeah,except for the fact that Obama is a pro-abortionist,apologist,anti-gun,caller for people to pay their fair share,someone who blames Republicans every time things don't go his way,promotes every kind of warfare except actual warfare,and places more value on a 17-year old thug than he does a young man who came here to learn or a WWII veteran.I mean other than that and probably other things,he's a dreamboat

"He never preaches division?"
Hang on a second my head fell off...
Let me correct sycophantic leg-boy here. Everything he preaches is division. That's all he preaches.
It's like Matthews lives in his own personal Obamarrhoid Colon Condo...with a private non-gated entrance.

Hmmm, I think what Rush said about him in relation to G.W. Bush is very, very interesting. Chris Matthews has some very good points as well. Time for a little experiment. Now, I wonder what the (R)'s would be saying about BO if he pushed laws for NO ABORTION, SELLING GUNS TO EVERYONE THAT WANTS ONE, DROPPED TAXES ON THE RICH DOWN TO LOWER THAN THAT OF A TYPICAL $30K-$40K INCOME, AND MADE THESE PEOPLE PAY MORE, USES NO DRONES TO TAKE OUT BAD BOYS, TOTALLY DOES AWAY WITH THE PEACE TREATY AND TELLS SYRIA, "JUST DON'T BREATHE AND YOU'll BE FINE OVER THERE", AND EXECUTES EVERY SINGLE YOUNG MALE THAT GET'S INTO TROUBLE.

If intelligent folks out there think BO's being worked over right now, just let him even think about leaking any of the above as a test. You'd see that a vast majority of them only know one thing...

Ha ha ha!!! The word 'buffet' just came to mind! Just think about that and focus real'll see it.

And you are everything that every sentient being should boo and hiss and chuckle.
I'd say he had a fifth of Jim Beam with a Wild Turkey 151 chaser. Water bide...1

Libtard rhetorical tactic being used by LuckyLoser: postulate absurd extreme positions as if they are the beliefs held by the other party..............yeah, brilliant and original, thanks for the deep insight and food for thought.

Yeah, jarhead...I mean jarasan. Ain't no tactics being used anywhere in that post. It's that famous 'no middle ground' which (R)'s are famous for. Is that the best you can do is call it rhetorical? You, just like a whole lot of (R)'s, are a pure hypocrite and despise being called out on it which is typical. I can guarantee that if BO were to propose law saying that abortions WOULD NOT be funded by gov't in any shape, form, or fashion there would be absolutely NO PUSH BACK from the boys...they'd applaud it. This, my friend, is the truth because it would accomplish what they want... no gov't funding. They could care less about what a woman does with her long as gov't doesn't foot the bill.

The (D)'s stand on Roe vs. Wade...freedom of choice. Problem here though, for (R)'s, is the provision of gov't sponsored abortions and care in that regard. This is the part where they 'play religion' with and use words like 'immoral' and even our governor said, "The ideal world is one without abortion. Until then, we will continue to pass laws to ensure that they are as rare as possible." Governor Rick Perry (R- Tx.)

Hmmm, okay. Is this the 'only' thing which will make the world 'ideal?' What about adultery which quite often results in pregnancy/abortions? What about coveting thy neighbor's wife which results in adultery? What about the man who even looks upon a woman lusting in his heart...he's already sinned. Are any of these any less 'immoral' in (R)'s eyes? Hell, they must be...they won't preach about 'em, yet, they're all listed in the bible just like 'thou shall shall not kill.' "Well, Lucky, see, that's all church stuff and the pastor is the only person that should be talkin' 'bout stufff like ''s none of our bizness what folks do in their private lives. God'll judge 'em one day and that'll be the best decision."

Really? And, God WON'T be the best decision-maker on the abortions? Hmmm. Oh, I see now. Gov't ain't payin' for when adulterer's have to get lawyers for divorce, and, have to get abortions. Yeah, I get it now...all about that mighty dollar and controlling it. No real and true religious values...and it's very obvious. You, and most of your 'Saturn-based' friends live in a fantasy world:

We renew our call for replacing “family planning” programs for teens with abstinence education which teaches abstinence until marriage as the responsible and respected standard of behavior. Abstinence from sexual activity is the only protection that is 100 percent effective against out-of-wedlock pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS when transmitted sexually ( ... ) We oppose school-based clinics that provide referrals, counseling, and related services for abortion and contraception. We support keeping federal funds from being used in mandatory or universal mental health, psychiatric, or socio- emotional screening programs.”

That...from the 2012 base (R) base. You think you're going to stop teens from thinking sex, talking sex, having sex, experimenting, getting pregnant, needing birth control, getting diseases...HAVING NATURAL DESIRES WHEN GOING THROUGH PUBERTY AND GROWING INTO YOUNG WOMEN. As such, (D)'s aren't going to prevent ALL gun-related crimes from happening and they're not trying to like the (R)'s seek to prevent ALL pregnancies and abortions.

You silly, dumb, ignorant, self-centered, individual(s)...and I say that with care. This whole thing is a game and at least the (D)'s stick to the idea of choice, via the constitution. Who pays should've been the 'true focus' of (R)'s but they guise it with religion and dance around The Separation of Church and State...every time.

They could give two s**tz less if anyone in yours, or, anyone else's family needs/get's an abortion...long as they're not payin'. I'm not saying it's so right to get abortions and for tax payers to pay for 'em. I'm saying that the basis of arguments for the (R)'s were false and hypocritical for using religion. Yeah, it's a 'long' response, but much needed for people that ride the 'short' yours and your buddy's.

Now, there's your brilliant and original...deep insight food for thought. Dam*!! It's all a moot point 'cause you're still on milk and not ready for meat. Yet, and still, the (R)'s are just "choking you with their meat." Never bring "horses and bayonets" to a tank and RPG Launcher war. I chose abortion 'cause that seems to be the "#1" pet of all you extremists here...and I'm not afraid. Get it? #1?

LL. you are wasting your time...this is too logical for repubs/tea partiers to comprehend. They are just going to come back with more of Russ/Sean mumbo jumbo. Nothing is ever original, it is always cut and paste right wing material from extremists sites.
"cut and paste from extremist sites" You're a WACKO Speedo
Yes! But I said is TRUE! Idiot!
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

You live in a scripted world speedo. How many hours a day is your TV blaring out noise?
"Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him." Too late speedo, you accomplished that a long time ago.
The ONLY thing cut and pasted here is my 5th paragraph and the part about Rick Perry... nothing else is even paraphrased. I don't need to paste an entire article because I'm very well educated and versed when it comes to critical thinking and debating. Most of all, common sense is the basis to anything...which is completely absent for #'s 1,2,5,6,7,10,12,14...and others soon to arrive. I rest my phuckin' case here. Time to battle elsewhere.
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

This is from the King James Version Bible. This is from Proverbs, you need to pick it up and read it sometime. It will make you wiser.
Clap! clap! Bravo! Bravo! my friends LL and LiLSpeedy ,I luv it when the madness is set ablaze,much respect. :])
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