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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Zimmerman juror has book deal

Hmmm, shouldn't have gotten out of his SUV. Not illegal but, extremely unreasonable and dumb considering he LATER claimed that Trayvon circled his SUV and that he was scared. The distance between his SUV, where the altercation took place, and a lapse within the timeline was such that GZ had plenty of time to return and leave (3) times. He claims to have known the street where he was at when there are only (3) in that area and prior calls to the police clearly show he knew the area very, very well and gave excellent directions.

Here's the real kicker. GZ claims that Trayvon had one hand over his mouth and nose...and he couldn't breathe. Yet he was "screaming". During the struggle, his gun was supposedly exposed which Traayvon saw and went for it...saying, "You're gonna die now, MF!!!" Mind you, both GZ's hands are "free" here while only one of Trayvon's is over his mouth and the other going for the gun...supposedly. All this while Trayvon is still somehow bangin' GZ's head but, with which hand?

Finally, after GZ grasped his gun and fired one shot into Trayvon's torso, he claimed Trayvon stopped and sat up saying something along the lines of, "Ah, ah", or "You got me, you got me" (maybe shot me). He then straddled Trayvon and pinned his hands down. Problem here is that the autopsy declared that both Trayvon's lungs were punctured (collapsed) by the round and/or pieces of it and, therefore, it was impossible for him to speak due to lack of air. How so? They attempted CPR and heard gurgling inside of him...he could hold no air which the vocal cords need in order to speak.

So, here we have a GZ that's afraid of a 17 year-old but, attacked and assaulted a police officer...among other things. What a hero he is for defending himself against that officer. Neither one is saint but, who's actually worse here? GZ's aggressor mentality kicked in on the night in question and the rest played out as such. Simple.

Wrong on most all points LL. When a person is being held down by the face they struggle upward which would make it possible for that one hand to bang down the person head and suffocate him at the same time with the other hand free. Do you ever watch the UFC? Also when a person gets shot I dont think the lungs will fill with fluid instantaneously, do you ? As I said yesterday, the Perp was acting crazy and aggressive and THAT is why the struggle took place. Law abiding citizens want perps like TM off their streets.
Ronnie, this wasn't a UFC fight, sir. Also, I'm going by what GZ actually said initially in his statement. I see you completely avoided the talking points of GZ's assault on the officer and domestic violence. So, we want Trayvons' off the street and cop beaters on the street...with guns? Tell you what, let someone pierce both your lungs and see what kind of words you can utter right then...after your heart's already been capped as well.

Give or take a couple of years, GZ was in the same age range as TM and was a bad actor at the time of that TM is a THUG? Maybe so. It takes a worse THUG to attack a police officer, buddy, and to beat his wife. Law abiding citizens DO NOT ASSAULT POLICE OFFICERS, either. So, TM was acting "crazy" because he wasn't just rushing trying to get out of the rain? No, he was profiled.

I'm willing to bet that GZ's neighbors had no idea he beat down an officer...a black one according to records. You're trying to justify GZ as the lesser of the two evils enlight of his neighbor watch status while discounting his violent criminal history. None of us knew either one of these guys, or, anything about them before this incident took place. Even then, GZ was still the worse and the aggressor...and on cops.

Sure, GZ had evidence of struggle. What happened prior to that struggle is the key. Yep, he whipped a trained cop's a** but couldn't handle Trayvon. Do you think GZ "said" anything to the cop prior or during the beating of his a**? He was resisting arrest by an officer...probably the same thing TM was doing when GZ tried to unjustly detain/apprehend him. My strong and very logical explanation based on good intel. Wait, we can't use logic here because what GZ and his defense said are facts and true to the "T".

Guess that's why the jurors broke down afterwards. Why break down if you're convinced and made the right call? No, they cried because the prosecution didn't convince them as they wanted to be so they could nail GZ with something.
The juror who was interviewed by Anderson Cooper said that there was unusually high thefts in that neighborhood. Something like this was bound to occur eventually.
@Lucky Loser,
    Where you get your information, I'll never know. The transcripts show nothing of what you're saying, so are you trying to grandstand? And lastly, The jurors broke down afterwards? by who's declaration is that by, except for the juror who's gotten a book deal and she's selling her book.. Wake up and smell the coffee. If everything went according to how you described it, he would be guilty of aggravated assault. It didn't, and the jurors already knew this, except for the renegade who's got the book deal...   Geez...!!!!
You're strong and very logical explanation based on good intelligence.???
Who are you listening to? Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Janet, Eric, or Obama? Your information is nothing but street corner BS the same information as to where they wanted to nail him with something..
Try E-mailing juror #57 with your scenario and maybe she'll cut you in after the both of you get your story's straight.
Here is an excerpt from an interview with CNN:)-
One of the jurors told CNN that no one on the panel believed race played a part in the shooting and she had “no doubt” that Zimmerman feared for his life and acted in self-defense.
It is hard for any juror to relate to racial profiling if it has never been part of their experience.
The jury was racist weak minded coast puppet for the Defense .The juror 57 was planning a book deal with her lawyer husband ,they are already trying to profit off Trayvon death ,what money hunger low life bigots . The only reason Mark O'mare came out talking less arrogance and gloating ,his life was threaten and his skinhead partner Don (ho) West both being paid by the modern day KKK NRA . There is something suspicious about this whole case ,beginning with the cover up of the Stafford Police Dept. of the evidents and the fact that Zimmermen was allowed to walk into the P. S. without any help and no hand cuffs. GZ, just as the expert Dr suggest he could have staged all this after killing this 17 yr old kid . He hit himself in the nose and took his keychain flash light and cut the back of his head it all look phony. GZ with his extended training and thinking like a cop tried to cover his acess when he shot an unarmed teen. Then he went to all the neighbors with one of the officers and all got their story together. The parade of liars that came through that court and lied it made a mockery of the Justice System.

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