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Saturday, July 13, 2013


George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty For Trayvon Martin's Death

As I've said before, it wouldn't take an Einstein to figure this one out. Again a travesty for the death of a human being, but no need to lynch someone who's not guilty just because of his color and from political comments from an administration to fuel this along.   
The truth rang out when the jury announced their verdict....!
Zimmerman was innocent from the Start !! It was a modern day witch hunt with Barry Obamas Help . The Black Panther Dumb asses is in Florida to start a Race Riot with Barry's approval. The Black on White violence has not been reported in the MAIN Stream Media . These have been unprovoked attacks . The Justice Deportment will not doing anything about this just like the voter intimidation by the Black Panthers .
Barry can care less about this Country . Him and the Dog Michelle piss on our Great Flag ,Military and Country every chance they get . Barry is destroying this country from the INSIDE !!
Let's see, if Martin was Zimmerman and Zimmerman was Martin, this wouldn't exist, it would not be, it would cease to exist. Justice was done.
Zimmerman may be not guilty in the eyes of man, but in the EYES of GOD he is a murderer. Stay tuned.
Justice prevailed, even after trying to railroad an innocent man, in the name of justice for Trayvon!!
Regardless of the verdict, Trayvon Martin's death will follow Zimmerman for the rest of his life. That in itself is a sentence. But, in the EYES of GOD he is a murderer. Justice will prevail.
Based on some intel received, I had pretty good idea of the turn out...and I'm not angry one bit. The jury has spoken and this part of it is done. However, let's examine the real world "post verdict dynamics" which are much deeper than just Zimmerman walking on an acquittal. Hey, they found him not guilty but, is he really FREE? Where can he go? What can he do? Where can he now work? Where can he not be seen and known?

All those questions and many more followed by the phrase...without being a target now? So many people need to stop and ask themselves if the jury really helped, or, actually hurt this guy. I don't want to see any rioting or violence and I feel there won't be any at all. However, I'm very familiar with the term "walking dead man" and that may sound bad but, it's a real factor.

Sure, high powered people are pushing for a federal investigation,organizing rallies, preparing appeals, and you name it...standard procedures whether you agree or disagree with the verdict. In the end, I have to ask myself, "Would I really want to be Zimmerman right now?" I honestly feel that even HE doesn't even want to be Zimmerman right now. This is just real talk and I'm not passing judgement on him, but there are still unanswered questions and timelines.

Will he have to join Snowden and Assange to really be free? You make the call...
Hypocrisy, selective outrage, invoking the name of God, on and on..... pathetic, miserable, race baiting, petty people. Where is the outrage for all those young black men/women that have been murdered in the past thirty days across this country, 21 alone in Baltimore???? What about the millions of aborted black/white babies dropped in pieces into stainless steel pans? In the EYES OF GOD all those responsible, those that condone it, and do nothing about it ARE MURDERERS in the EYES OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice in the END always prevails.
What a great country we live in, you are found not guilty and you have people threatening your life. OJ Simpson comes to mind, that dude was found not guilty and he nearly cut two people's heads off. Nobody threatened him and he had a life after his not guilty verdict until he blew it. Hypocrites.
Someone has already threatened the man's life? I'm looking at the news right now and there's no mention of it. Everyone's just re-examining how everything went down. Where did you see or hear that? Pitiful....
Justice did prevail for OJ, he is in prison now. Zimmerman's cowardly act of self-defense is cheered by bigots, racists, and so-called evangelical groups as a righteous kill. But the family members of Trayvon Martin see it as another injustice toward unarmed black males. So go on and celebrate the not guilty verdict until someone close to you is stalked and killed...then see if your attitude will change.
I will say this, Zimmerman probably didn't initially know whether or not Trayvon was armed or not, okay. But, Zimmerman knew that he himself had one. Somewhere along the way, he must have had the opportunity to make it known to Trayvon that he was security and armed. Maybe I'm wrong here, but if it's dark and I feel threatened by someone I deem suspicious, I'd either have my weapon already drawn, or, my hand would be on it already just to make it obvious.

Granted, this guy isn't a cop but, common sense tells me you don't approach a situation in the dark with your weapon still tucked away...not knowing whether the subject in question may engage you. I mean, was he NOT AFRAID at all until the actual face to face confrontation? Wait until someone is on top of you and beating you before you decide to grab your weapon? Not so much defending Trayvon, but something about Zimmerman's overall responses don't add up with me.
Comment #11 is typical nonsense not related retort change of subject as usual. OJ prevailed justice on himself he "blew it" as I wrote in #9.
If the other person would have died there would have been a celebration at the White House with beers all around, instead of a trial. Im proud of the white security officer who defended himself and Im proud of the jury who had the courage to do what was right and find the brave officer not guilty. He deserves a hero's welcome for his bravery.
With that type of mentality, no wonder George Zimmerman was found not guilty.
Right, its called justice SpeedoLick. Unlike you and your racist buddy in the white house justice is blind to race, If the officer had been a black man and the thug and white I would be just as proud of the black officer for defending himself. You should try growing up. Your racist rants are old and boring.
Comment #13 it is very obvious that you hate Blacks..that is why you used OJ as an example. It is so sad to be consumed with so much hate.
I didnt make comment #13 Speedo and the only person here hating on people is you. Time for you to wake up to the truth.
Ronnie187, you are not only a racist and a bigot, but you are a loud mouth punk also. You are also a LIAR and a hater of anyone that is Black. You need to be honest with your pathetic self.
Comment by jarasan - Today, 11:17 am

Comment #11 is typical nonsense not related retort change of subject as usual. OJ prevailed justice on himself he "blew it" as I wrote in #9.

Ronnie187, where is your name on comment #13? Idiot!
How would you know speedster? I grew up in OH and my best friends are black. My Dad fought Korea with a black man who was his best friend after returning from the war. My sons best friends are not only black but also middle eastern. You see everything and everyone as racists, so what is your problem?
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”

It's very easy to inject race into this deal, but how easy is it to look at what supposedly happened and what could've/shoulve prevented it? Should Trayvon not have walked through that neighborhood? Should Zimmerman have not pursued but rather kept a close eye on him after being told to stop? Should Trayvon have stopped with his hands up and stated his business? Should Zimmerman have drawn his weapon and fired a warning shot upon being threatened?

Should Zimmerman have simply requested assistance/backup since he was told to stop and allowed the authorities to engage Trayvon? Soooo many things to consider here but all I'm seeing is black kid and white guy. No one wants to honestly rationalize. Rash of burglaries in that subdivision...okay. Trayvon walking through with a hoodie on...okay. Possible reason for suspicion of sorts but, the whole process of engagement is very questionable to me. Still, there's lots more to consider.
So your saying that if the pedestrian would have stopped and said "Good evening sir, Im just on my way home" there still would have been a struggle?
lil'speedy - how about all the murdered aborted babies.   God will punish.
I'm not sure if you're asking this of me or someone else. The struggle ensued because someone was This is where it all started...period. Trayvon was already aware that he was being watched/followed by Zimmerman...correct? Would you be curious as to why you're being followed and want to know? Maybe you'd even be scared. Did he hide from Zimmerman? Did he find Zimmerman, or, did Zimmerman find him?

It's been said that Trayvon was actually skipping and trying to get away from Zimmerman...not running. He said he was being followed. There was a distance of six houses between them at one point...and Zimmerman closed in. Maybe Trayvon should've called and said he was being followed and was afraid. Maybe? Maybe two calls from individuals in the same area and both suspicious and scared of each other would've prevented this.

A warning shot to get Trayvon's attention to stop. At least this would've drawn heavy attention to the situation...right? People ended up calling 911 and reporting a shooting anyway...right? He put himself in a position to where there was a confrontation and then a shooting. Okay, they say Zimmerman had a right to stand his ground. No problem. Trayvon didn't encounter Zimmerman, though...Zimmerman "tracked" Trayvon after being told to terminate. For him to continue wasn't illegal, but look at what ensued as the result of it. Was it reasonable although the kid wasn't selling drugs, looking into homes, or just lurking around?

who died and gave you supreme powers to call someone who is being rational, A Racist/Bigot?
Were you there-NO, Have you looked at the other side also-NO, Have you rationalized your responses-NO, Are you being the Racist because your black-YES.
I can honestly say, that if that were you on Top of Me pummeling me with your fists after you sucker punched me after our confrontation, your body would have a much higher LEAD content than it already has.
Regardless black / white, a man has a right to defend himself. But when a line is drawn and someone feels threatened because of what is happening to him, then HE has every right to defend himself by any means possible. Unarmed you say? what do you call your hands? the same thing Trayvon called them, His weapons. If you really want to see a RACIST/BIGOT, look in the mirror before you spew your comments on others.
@ Maddog.
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”
@Lucky Loser,
All I can ask is, were you there also?. Would've, Should've, Could've is all moot now that the trial is over. It was all hearsay and nothing else. Fact: If someone sucker punched you, it would be you on the ground first. Fact: If you were on the ground being pummeled by punches from someone who is straddling you and the ground is wet, wouldn't the back of your head have abrasions there, also wouldn't your face have abrasions also? And would your back be wet? And then the other person have only wet spots on his Knee portion of his pants indicate to you who was the aggressor was?
With all evidence presented, the prosecution failed miserably.. This was not about Race, this was not hatred, this was about a confrontation that went wrong period. Nothing further can be applied.
@speedo, I didn't think you could answer any of the statements with any rational. Your true character is showing for it is you, a black man who is the RACIST/BIGOT here and every time you spew your hatred, you show everyone who you really are....!
P.S. "Antics are the follies of a fool, for who that represents them, retains them".
I say again the internal racism is still alive and well especially in the south ,for instance the lawyers for the defense act like skinheads and KKK members. They gloating with pride that they had put on trail a really 16 yrs old to think about it since he had just turn 17 recently,they accuse this kid of what ? "Walking while Black" what a crime and they brought race into it when they put on the wittness stand a white woman talking about there was a Black guy burgalarizing her apartment. Was that person Trayvon,No! do all Black People look the same well in the eye the ones who have all this hate in their hearts for people for no other reason than the color of their skin like Zimmmerman. There was something really strange at his demeaner when he heard the verdict.O'Mare the mouth piece for the KKK and Water the skinhead even his daughers got in on the racist bigots atittude of their gloating father.They all will meet their faith sooner or later . Just another day in the playbook of Black America. :(
@ Maddog.
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”

Lil' Speedy, are you really black?
Okay, fair enough if that's what you like. But, rewind back to the 911 call where he was told that he didn't need to do stop. Not illegal to persue, but how reasonable was it, MADDOG? Zimmerman engaged the situation beyond the orders of the 911 operator(s). What was his "reasonable cause" outside of a kid with a hoodie on walking through the neighborhood? No color involved in my point, either. They discussed "reasonable doubt"...what about Zimmerman's "reasonable cause?"

He was told to stop for a reason after he described the kid, but couldn't readily tell the operator(s) that Trayvon was clearly doing something wrong. He wasn't. Did Zimmerman tell them that the kid was black in addition to the hoodie deal? I'd like to know if possible. Here's where everyone want's to have a blind eye or two: had Zimmerman implemented other protocols as instructed, he never would've been involved in the confrontation.

I'm not condemning that he was possibly attacked by Trayvon at all, but there wouldn't have been an attack had Zimmerman stayed in his car and monitored while waiting for assistance. Ground and pound, wet back, scars on the back of his head...all because the man decided to further engage the situation without just cause. What threat was Trayvon posing to him or the neighbor at that time? Nothing's on record by Zimmerman. Why did Zimmerman have to defend himself at all? He was asked to terminate pursuit, so how do we tap dance around this?

Only Zimmerman knows he was told to stop, Trayvon will never know this. Let's discuss moot points, now. Benghazi...Hillary made the comment, "What difference does it make". Well, it makes a hell of a lot of difference in my opinion because the order for them to stand down was very unreasonable. If anyone should've disobeyed an order, it was these guys. There was an IMMINENT THREAT INVOLVED here and they could've saved lives.

Does your could've/should've moot point apply here as well? I hope not because everyone is still discussing Benghazi and what should've/could've been done to save lives here. But, me discussing what Zimmerman could've/should've done to possibly save a life is already a moot point? I check my emotions at the doorway to focus on facts, reasonable doubt, reasonable cause, and clear explanations.
Lil' Slippy, have you asked yourself why everyone protesting is carrying a poster of a much younger Trayvon? What are they hiding from people? Why don't they carry a poster of him blowing smoke from a blunt. Why did they not let the defense bring his criminal past into court. There was nothing innocent about him. His mother and father didn't care about him. His step-mother was probably his only friend. His father didn't call the police to report him missing until the next morning. Have you seen his mother shedding any tears? His father was crying in the court room, but he was trying to impress the jurors. It's over with and done, Sharpton, Jackson and the NAACP should keep their opinions and their sorry asses out of Florida.
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”

Maybe, you will understand this better!!
That will come out during a civil trial, and the whole world will see a thug, but hey mom and dad got a million in blood money and all those hoody sales are raking in the cash,
I will ask again. Lil' Speedy are you black?
@lucky Loser,
You didn't check you emotions at the door, you laid them out here on the blog. First, we aren't talking about Benghazi, were talking about the trayvon martin trial.
Facts: He was sucker punched
Facts: He was on way back to car when confronted by Trayvon.
Facts: He had every right to be there, with him being on neighborhood watch program.
Again I reiterate, all the facts prove beyond a reasonable doubt, or he would have never been acquitted. Not maybe's, not could be, just plain facts. Now if you want to assume it happened any other way, that's your prerogative to believe what you want. I know for a fact that I can speak about this without any hesitation or disbeliefs.
Anyone, and I mean anyone can make a story fit to their liking but when it comes to proving their story to be factual people somehow start to dance around with whatever comes to mind.
Ask yourself this):- Why is it so easy to believe a Lie, and yet so hard to see the truth?   

Change your needle speedo, I think it's broken, as is your thought process...
What different does it make if he 's Black or (white) the truth is the truth .While some of the wannbes on there don't have the slightest idea what it mean to live in a country, you built with no justice.Make those fools out there calling these parents unconcerned make sure you take care of yours first. So if he's white he would be treating this a different way. I have had this conversation with many whites and they too think this was a travesty of justice for a 17 yr old boy. It's only those without a heart that think it's great that this man kill a child.I might add every black child and black adult should also be strapping as the whites fringes nuts.
For God's sake this was no innocent child:

highlight the link and open this link and read it:

This gives insight into the severity of the manipulation in the manufactured profile of a troubled angry young man Trayvon Martin.
Read it fools!!!!!!! If the system had jailed this wanna be gangster in the first place it may have put the fear of GOD in him and he'd still be alive!!!!!!!!!!!! If his frinking parents cared and loved him in the first place he would still be alive, all they care about now is hoodie sales.
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.”

Truths and facts are a biachè.
Okay, buddy. My perspectives were more curious, preventive, and suggestive for the most part...based on what I learned early on. On the flip side, it's really good and refreshing to see that you and so many others support a Democrat for a change. If it happened per the defense's claims, and he was actually attacked (sucker punched) while enroute back to his car, then I support GZ as well. I'm reasonable.

However, there's still an unaccounted lapse in the timeline. Pretty cool that we can chat without name calling and cursing.
@ Lucky Loser,
        I hear you. To be honest with you, my thoughts would still be the same even if it had been the other way around and it would have been George Zimmerman who was shot. I looked at both sides of the street, and it came up empty on the prosecution part, so therefor they had more to prove, than it being the other way around. Unfortunately they couldn't produce, because it wasn't there.
My thoughts were I think this should have been handled on the State level instead of The Federal Government stepping in with SPECULATION to add fuel to a situation already angered by a community.
When the prosecution knew they couldn't go forward with a hate crime , it started falling apart for them, and then they started to grasp onto anything they could to make a case, they were marked for failure and the prosecution and the people knew it. When the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place and the case was handed over to the Jury, almost anyone with any common sense knew what the outcome would be on sheer FACTS alone.
This trial was costly and damaging and IMHO the Government adding their two cents didn't help matters at all...
I too think it's great to have an opinion and to be able to look at someone else's also.        Thanks.
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