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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Young black males are at greater risk from their peers than from the police or white civilians

Tell that to a young Black male ,whether their educate or not.
In my opinion, this both true and not true. The not so great cities and neighborhoods have the highest percentages of assault and fatalities. The people involved are mainly the dope dealers and it's usually behind a drug deal gone bad. Blacks don't just go around knocking each other off for the hell of it.

Take a good look at Mexico, Cali, Colombia...all the killings are behind drugs and also involve their own race. I've always hated the use of the broad brush.
Babies out of wedlock, create poverty and crime, no amount of money can fix the problem, you can't regulate good parenting, getting pregnant at a young age is a choice, you want to solve poverty and crime, take away all the welfare and handouts and sure enough, young women will make better choices, ie,keeping their gd legs closed. Joining a gang is a choice, selling drugs, stealing cars, breaking into houses are all choices.
Not going to school, not paying attention to your kids, are all choices, 73 percent of the babies are born out of wedlock, have no clue who their fathers are and the mothers just kick back and wait for welfare.
I am going to say this only once , old hags like you being white or not need to STFU and stop repeating the talking points of those a**es on Conservatives radio and TV.Using code words for minority young people ,mostly Blacks need to mind your own business shut your fu**king legs.Every time you make a comment it 's negative if you don't agree with you. Go screw yourself. Speaking of brainwash get a woman.
SINCE YOUR ONLY GOING TO SAY THIS ONCE, does this mean we won't have to read anymore of you piss poor uneducated Rants?
Go screw yourself weeezy!
Yeah, please say it only once. Statistics are statistics and if you talk about statistics then they are still statistics and it just so happens that makes them "factual statistic based talking points" in discussing real issues. Many people can't handle the truth and lash out in anger instead of accepting the facts and doing something about it. Others just hit the pipe, bottle, whatever and don't give a hoot.
You can't argue with the stats, Take away the welfare, watch how fast people stop having babies they can't afford, watch how fast people will demand jobs and stop votig for piles of human garbage that exploits the poverty stricken for profit.
Geeeeeeeeeze! Moving on...
How is it the Orientals don't have staggering numbers as blacks? They don't all start out rich when they get to this country. Large families live in cramped apartments with each individual working hard and saving their money collectively to open a business. After years of hard work and determination they finally enjoy the fruits of their labor.

People need to stop making excuses and maintain accountability for THEIR actions. The black ghetto communities keep recycling the same irresponsible behaviors down to their offspring with only a handful who try to escape the never ending cycle of welfare abuse, drug dealings, robberies, gangs, shootings, and so forth.

The underlying issue in my opinion is that they don't want to break the cycle. Why would anyone break the cycle if they can continually get free money while sitting on their ass, blaming everyone else for the problems that surround them, and conveniently getting away with it by using the race card?

I've always said this and continue saying it. It has nothing to do with your skin color, it has everything to do with lifestyle. It's the behavior, not the skin color.
Very good point, only money. Recently, a guy at my work place said that his brother's about to file for his full disability, 100%,and government assistance. He's a Vet with PTSD and other mental missing limbs or military profiles like that.

Well, he told his brother that was BS because he has no real need for full disability, or benefits. His brother told him that he knows several other guys that did it and they receive $3,500 per month in just disability alone....and that if he didn't get it, somebody else will. He's (R) which I know as fact so it's not limited to just blacks and (D) hit tin' up big brother. Granted, we should take care of our own but, even within that realm, there's some "shifty" business going on.
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