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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Louis Farrakhan Reacts to Trayvon Verdict: 'We Have to Rebel Against These Tyrants'

Sleeping giant has awaken. I'm pretty sure the 'rebel' doesn't mean violence. Gotta be careful how they approach this with everything else that plagues the black community. Even so, this man has lots of power and influence...LOTS. With this much influence, though, maybe he should be speaking out to the younger blacks and promoting how to stay away from things that land them in jail.

Can't stop or control all of 'em but, I believe most of them need positive figures and better things to do with their time. The rest, just like in every race, will just just be bad and stay in trouble. A whole of that street life mentality is promoted by so much of the music that's listened to. Rappers have lots of influence on these kids and don't even realize it. As a comparison, there's a country western song out now called 'Cruisin' about a guy with a nice lifted truck riding around with his his girlfriend having a good time.

Then, you have songs about hating cops, cappin' people, and selling dope. Both these genres influence they're listeners to wanna do what they hear for the most part...especially after a couple of drinks. All rap-type songs aren't bad but so many have negative messages. Gotta start at the top where it all begins in my opinion. It's what people hear and the decision (s) they make...just like in politics.
You mean a comatose neanderthal farted ? LF is a disgrace to humanity.
Hmmm, "a comatose neanderthal farted." Once again, we can clearly see who's interested in problem resolving vs. who's interested in hating and attributing to the problem. Out of EVERYTHING POSITIVE I covered here, only the man is focused on as opposed to hoping for the RIGHT MOVES BEHIND THE MAN. I was smiling when I wrote this, but I'll bet all (43) facial muscles were used to frown while dropping two sentences.
Im happy for you feeling a true sense of pride and accomplishment over the 3 paragraphs that you wrote LL, but the fact of the matter is LF is neither a giant nor awake intellectually speaking. He is a nobody with nothing to say.

Will it make you feel better if I type a third sentence?
Um, I guess I actually gave you way too much credit with numbers also, Ronald. Way too much. You try so hard to match wits with me, and hate, that you completely lose focus of everything going on around you. See, you actually DID TYPE (3) SENTENCES...separated by (2) periods. Ronald, just quit okay. You're blinded by hate and have no desire to see people try to do better. On my worse day, on life support...I can still put you in place.

Now, outside of that and on Lottery Discussion, we can still hoorah about numbers and winning. Okay? Okay. Don't go away mad...just go away.
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