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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Fla. Attorney Angela Corey calls George Zimmerman a 'murderer'

A lot of class, she needs to be fired for a slanderous comment. He was judged and found not guilty. That doesn't give this loose lipped AG the right to call him a murderer.
Angela Corey is not the judge and jury. She should be disbarred from making a statement like that.

If Zimmerman was found guilty she could say justice was served and a murderer will be sentenced.
She is not very bright.
This Angela Corey is a doofus, clown faced, joke on our justice system. Shame on the bar for passing her.
Angela Corey told the truth he is a murderer for the rest of his misable life and he will be reminded of it for long as he live. Facts just facts.
George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, the justice system still works. The prosecution was forced to charge a man that defended himself from a brutal attack by a drugged up on DXM addicted 6'2" angry young man. Have you ever had your nose broken by a fist? Have you ever had your skull beat into the sidewalk cement? It tickles right? Yeah right.
Whooaaa....easy killas!!! I'll have you know that Angela Corey is a REPUBLICAN! How dare y'all go against your own party like that! Well, I guess I can't really lay into this too much just yet because y'all had no problem supportin' a DEMOCRAT...GZ. If it fits the overall agenda, then it's very clear that it doesn't matter. This is too funny. GZ supports the (D) party and voted for Obama along with he stands for and lookie at all the (R) support GZ is getting! Yet, and still, these same people hate Obama and all he stands for.

I'm really trying hard so please bare with me. Okay, they like GZ although they know full well that he's down with BO...all while they despise BO. This is about to get REAL DEEP. (REWIND) Now, I certainly recall an incident which took place here a while back...involving me and two other individuals. It was said that, "Anyone who voted for Obama is a moron!!!" Then, someone else said, "Yeah, they are morons... and parasites!!!" Not one person objected, but rather confirmed support.

(FAST FORWARD) Now, here we have GZ and family who are registered Democrats...public knowledge. How odd it is that such morons and parasites are receiving an overwhelming amount of support. My favorite talk radio personalities (honestly), Sean, Michael, Rush, Glenn, absolutely refuse to entertain this aspect. I find this very strange seeing as to how they all despise all things Obama and the Democrats.

I actually have one episode recorded of the Michael Berry show when he was hammering the Democrats about gun legislation and the second amendment. It's a very good show! He actually told one of his main callers, "This is the very reason why none of the Democrats should even have guns!!" He was very serious, too. Okay, fair enough but, that included GZ...who has a gun and voted for Obama and all he stands for. Most of all, he likes and defends GZ

My friend Sean is in the same boat. In one of his shows, he made it clear that, "All Democrats are simply takers and abusers of this country!!" Well, Sean, that includes GZ and company whom you, and everyone that feels like you are hailing right now. See, what I'm struggling with here is this: how can Republicans like, and, be so supportive of what they deem evil, no good, trifling, takers, LIARS, LIARS, LIARS? GZ...a liar? Wow!!! Yet, they all believe him.

Seems to me GZ would have to fit this My friend Rush said that he's allowed to use the "N" word now. My friend Michael said in a recent recording about Paula Deen, "No one should EVER use that word...EVER!!!" He was very serious as well and I'm certain we all know why. I do. For the record, I don't dislike any of these guys. Rather, I find them very interesting...especially when going over past recordings and discover present contradictions. No worries, I do the same thing with Democrats and there are lots of them.

They're very, very good at what they do...the media and radio hosts. People in congress pretend to be all mad and at odds with each other, then go and have steak and lobster together. Then, play golf. Start it all over the next day. All while they keep common, hard working, every day people which actually have way more in common than different, ready to shoot one another up behind political agendas.

I'm with the NLH posse now...No Longer Hoodwinked. I believe it'll take the country by storm very soon.
Who cares what party she belongs to? WTF does that have to with being a moron. Party affiliation has nothing to do or have any relevance in a courtroom. This is exactly how pin headed and narrow minded people are..................think for YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let barry, boehner, pelosi, reid, rubio, paul, whoever............ tell you how to think..THINK FOR YOURSELF. think about what is best for the country and ITS PEOPLE not what the power hungry self perpetuating bureaucrats want you to believe or think. They are out to subjugate us, all of them, don't let them. DEMONCRATS AND REPUBICANS are all out to serf our a$$es. Term limits, pay cuts, no pensions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In relevance to post #8, not the poster, party affiliation seems to mean everything when you really take a look around. How so? Well, if she was singing a different song about GZ, no one would be slamming her and I'm certain of it. The moron aspect was made very clear some time around election time last year in a thread on Lottery Discussion. What does it have to do with it? Well, GZ is a Democrat and in the thread is says that anyone that supports or voted for Obama is a moron.

It was followed up by also being a parasites. When people can go from absolutely hating and despising Democrats, (morons and parasites), to liking them in the courtroom because is serves their political agenda, it stinks to high heaven. It's the equivalent of some "flim-flam", wishy washy, sometimey BS. If GZ was in the news for anything else and it didn't serve their purpose, they'd be calling him all kinds of liberal this and Democrat that and drop kicking him back to the Democrat party. People better wake up...
Couple of typos (fat finger) there....before I'm considered illiterate or something.
Seriously no one will will consider you illiterate, speaking for myself. Let's back up, where in the thread does someone refer to Obama voting morons??????? Other than lucky loser making a reference to it?????
Finally, someone other than me can see all the hypocrisy and BS that takes place in a few of the blogs. Oh, what the hey. "Ignorance Is Bliss."
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