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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Poll: Jimmy Carter most trusted politician

Barry Oblunder has made Jimmy Carter look almost competent, LOL.
Jimmy Carter was one of the few past presidents that practice what he preached. The repubs tormented him for his Christian beliefs.
No they didn't, that's a lie.
It's Democrats that hate God and Jesus and Christians.
Everybody knows that.

Jimmy the peanut picker was roundly criticized from ALL quarters for his fiscal and foreign policies.
Which were disastrous.
His only saving grace is that Obozo's policies are even worse.
He's no longer the worst President in American History.
This is not a debate idiot, it is an opinion. My opinion is just as valid as your asinine statement. The repubs did make fun of Jimmy Carter. Whether you believe it or not, I could [email protected] care less.
EVERYBODY made fun of the little peanut picker.
But you made up a lie and said the Repubs tormented him for his Christian beliefs.
And that's a lie.
And you know it.
Carter was the worst, agreed upon by both parties. But now he's not so bad since Sammy has come along. I'm thinking he's proud that title is now where it BELONGS.
You lie every fuc2ing day bonehead, but whose counting. "Everybody" did not make fun of Jimmy Carter. Only morons and Catholics made fun of Jimmy Carter.
lil' sh1tty and her turd brain, it's drying up, throw some water on it.
Lil WEE WEE you are out of place on this thread. You are illogical and uneducated. You are making yourself look bad idiot.LOL
Jimmy Carter's family owned slaves until the Republicans made them free them.
He still owns the same plantation with the slaves quarters all in a row.
And I'll make fun of slave owners and their offspring that still profit from those days all day long and you can kiss my ass if you don't like it.
Ya hear me, boy?
Deep Throat I know you don't see anything wrong with slavery because your granddaddy owned slaves also. The Repubs made them from what? You really don't know your history you fat bigot.
Free from what?
Are you serious?
The Republicans freed them from their Democrat Slave Owners.
You can't be THAT stupid, can you?
Then the repubs introduced discrimination, segregation, black codes, hangings...need I go on. Study all history, not just the parts you like.
Then the repubs introduced discrimination, segregation, black codes, hangings...need I go on. Study all history, not just the parts you like.
Wrong again.
Those were all Democrat policies, knucklehead.
Ku Klux Klan, lynchings, Jim Crow, segregation, discrimination, all Democrat inventions, son.
Or do you think George Wallace and Lester Maddux and all the other racists were Republicans?
And it was Republicans who passed Civil Rights legislation in Congress against the racist Democrats.
You really ARE that stupid, ain'tcha son?
You don't know your history. Your history is twisted like you. The repubs have always been racists...Look at you. Although there are only a few that qualify as a racists, you are definitely in that category. Your ways, deeds, and actions give you away.
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