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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Pelosi On GOP's "Obsession" With Benghazi: "We Cannot Let It Soak Up All Of Congressional Attention"

Karma a b!tch EHH Nancy.
Nancy has some plastic on her face.

Now watch the troll feed. She has no life. She was the uglier of the two troll sisters, resembled a turd with a fecal face. Even on mothers day she woke up today and the first thing she did was go to the only blog that hasn't blocked her.............and fed.
Lil WEE WEE you must be sad that you don't have anyone to celebrate mother's day with. So just go drink yourself into a stupor like you do everyday. No one cares about you bum, boo-hoo-boo-hoo
No, Nancy, you DFC, there's no obsession with Benghazi, there's an obsession with getting the truth out of you mf'ing evil lying mf'ers.
There are 4 dead Americans and the American people want to know why you mf'ing Democrats intentionally let them die when you could have saved them.
That's what the American people want to know, you DMFC.
Deep Throat as usual your hate for women is obvious. Nancy is right. The repubs do have an obsession with Benghazi but it is going to backfire on the tea party bigots. The repubs are trying to smear Hillary because they view her as a threat. Well, like before, I am telling you that it will not work. If Hillary run, like her husband Bill, she will win. Remember you heard it first from me 5/13/13 sucker. LOL
You're as dumb as the day is long.
You went to public schools, didn't ya son?
Why do you want to inject yourself into things you neither follow nor know anything about?
Why don't you go volunteer at an abortion chamber or something?
You could mop up the baby blood or haul out the dead babies or something to help your fellow Democrats.
Deep Throat you need to go back to school because you obviously lack higher level thinking skills. I have a Master's degree from The University of Georgia, what about you? LOL
lil' sh1tty! you f'ing moron bitch, that explains your pure stupidity, you came out of uga's @$$ you're an uga turd troll. How do you know an uga bitch has been using a computer,   there are turd marks all over it y'all.
LiL WEE WEE no one in your family finished high school. You can't even write a complete sentence. You're ignorant and is trying your best to comprehend what is going on. Your IQ is your shoe size...that is why you are mad with the world. You had a chance to better yourself but you were too stupid and dumb to listen.
lil' sh1tty! u. r. made. of. uga sh1tty.
lil' sh1tty! Did you get shot out of uga's rear sphincter, or did you just shoot out outta there y'all? Sic em lil' sh1tty dawg!
Lil Wee Wee you are so sad. Are you sure you are old enough to be on this thread? You write like someone that's ten years old or you have the mentality of a ten year old. SAD!
lil' sh1tty! Aw shucks y'all, I graduated from uga's a$$, the finest younighversity in all the hole world.

#63 wow impressive! You so smarty!

Lil WEE WEE you must be very disappointed in yourself. No college would take you because you are too dumb and stupid. Any college is better than no college. You are full of envy -. Sad!
lil' sh1tty! You dumb bitch, shot out of uga's a$$, do yourself a favor and shoot yourself down the toilet & take a turd tub ride down the 'hoochee and do some sunnin' down in the gulf. remember to bring some water, y'all don't want to dry out completely. heheheheheh   she's a lil' sh1tty girl turd that floats down the 'hoochee.
Lil WEE WEE you sound like a moron idiot. A mind is terrible thing to waste. You are a prime example of what the future holds without an education. You were a dropout because school was too hard for you. Your wife left you because she did not want to be married to a LOSER>Wuff, here boy!
lil' sh1tty! sic em dawg! no ride down the 'hoochee for uga's biggest turd, she's gonna have to settle for the septic tank. the man child king fuque face fascist that you worship is going to be impeached, lil' sh1tty sandwich for you, you're going to have to eat yourself, y'all. mmmm extra sh1tty..

LIL wee wee you will be president before President Obama is impeached. Wishing something happens to someone does not make it happen A$$swipe. President Obama will be president until 2016..that is the same year that your sister will be released from prison.
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