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Saturday, March 16, 2013


9-year-old charged in McDonald's armed robbery also arrested in carjacking,0,4401989.story

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, but at least the Democrats got God out of the schools and the fathers out of the home so the mothers and kids could get welfare and food stamps.
At least there's that.
Gotta look on the bright side too.
jesus h - where are the parents.?
We better hurry up and turn these young boys around before they go up in malls, churches, movie theaters, schools, colleges and other public places and just shot up and kill people including innocent children in large numbers with automatic riffles. Yeah, that's what they've been profiled to do. Yeah, they are the ones that do that.
Emily, where were the parents of the mass shooters? That's right, snap! the last shooter killed his mother.
The kids will always find trouble when the streets become the baby sitter
Nothing is more gratifying then to listen to all the big mouths make jokes about these situations and say nothing.. I really wonder if they would be so jovial if it were their kids. But then again these are demo's with all the BS flying.
Emily, where were the parents of the mass shooters? That's right, snap! the last shooter killed his mother.
# posted by Tenaj : 7:54 PM

quite a difference between an adult and a 9 year old.
janjan, you wanna talk about killing kids in large numbers you're barking up the wrong tree.
It's happening everyday on the streets of Chicago. Over 500 last year.
What rock have you been living under, toots?
Or don't you care about poor kids, only the rich ones?
Wake the hell up.
It took the likes of Sandy Hook to spark gun control. The enormous amount of black inner city crime deaths never did. So your point is mute. No pun intended.
Regardless , How you see it !! It not the guns killing people . It's the person holding the Gun/Weapon deciding their judge and jury for their beliefs or state of mind and using that gun/weapon . The kids parent/parents need to be held accountable for their actions . No matter how much gun control you have the criminals will always find a gun/weapon . All they would do is make the law abiding citizen a victim or worse ! By taking away their right to bear arms . A person could kills thousands more people just every day off the shelf cleaning supplies will they confiscate these next ???
Your liberal media never covers inner city massacres taking place cuz it would make your boy look like he doesn't care (which he doesn't). Especially the daily killings in Sweet Home Chicago.
But why do you want gun control when over and over it has been proven to be a failure and in fact counter-productive? Are you crazy?
Statistics have proven that where there are more guns in the hands of citizens, crime drops DRAMATICALLY.
Try thinking for yourself once in a while and stop drinking that democrat plantation kool-aid.
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