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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Why President Obama Is Mr. Unpopular,32068,601287676001_2015627,00.html

Why? because people are finally waking up to see that he's not who he PRETENDS to be. People are tired of being put aside while this queen struts and rants about other peoples faults instead of standing up like a man. As history repeats itself, the mid term elections will be an eye opener.
Harry the weasel Reid is trying to change the rules.
It's also because of low informed people who have been bombarded with lies such as the fictitious preacher Macspeedy tries to do. This queen has awoken a lot of people with his actions and they are starting to see right through him/IT.
Even people of color, even Preachers of Faith are seeing what he has done. The only ones that can't see it are those with rose colored glasses, the low informed, and fictitious preachers like Macspeedy....!
Most people turn away from a liar.
Maddog there are three things that are constant with all Bigots: they believe only the things relevant to their agenda, they will believe a LIE before they believe the truth, and they are habitual LIARS and is proud of it.
Is that the best you can do Macspeedy? ( Splaaaat ), oh flat on yourface. Come on Macspeedy pick your self up off the floor, you know where parasites dwell and give it your best. I know you can do it Macspeedy just like you've tried i the past. I could never take your spotlight on being the biggest Bigot and Liar here on LP Macspeedy, so come on, give me your best....!
Maddog you are and always will be the biggest LIAR on the LP. You earned that position.
I couldn't and wouldn't take that distinction away from you Macspeedy as you fell right into that position, and just think you did that all on your own without any help from your fellow parasites.
Wow, I went from being the biggest Bigot to the biggest Liar, Man coming from you that's an honor never to be equalled. Heh, Heh, Heh, Macspeedy you must have fell on hard times to be able to have thought of that, or did the Ladies of the Garden club give you you're walking papers also?.

So tell me, how are those boots going with your outfits....???
I guess when you tell the TRUTH, you are classified as a BIGOT and a LIAR...!!! Go MADDOG...keep preaching the TRUTH...!!!
Parasites such as Macspeedy will NEVER stop me from telling the truth...     
Thanks Tiparker119..!

Lets see, Macspeedy will be coming back with more garbage and he'll probably include you this time. It must be demoralizing for a man of color to be picked apart by a bunch of Bigots and Liars, and racist and whatever his parasitic mind can conjure up.
Warning: Bigot Liars trending
Ahh Macspeedy did I cut your fun down by my advance knowledge of know what you were going to say. Your as phony as Obama. Why don't you come up with something different to say parasite? You know, get a little trendy, pull yourself up from the floor ( again ) and get up yo date.

Your thoughts are getting cobwebs on them, or doesn't your keyboard go beyond your Intelligence? Now for the last time homey, give it your all out effort. If not, then crawl back in your hole loser...!
MADDOG....the name "LilSpeedy" fit him / her to a "T"...Little brain that is not up to SPEED...!!!
Warning: Bigot Liar trending

Poll numbers are diving. This suppose to be a sympathy article?
People are finding out what a socialist is and they do not like it.
Really Mac speedy? ( splaaaaaat ) on your face again Get up and get trending, I really thought you might come out with something Intelligent to say but again were left out in the cold scratching our heads wondering why you're shining beyond your means? Could it be you've become civilized ??
Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...! Silly fool parasites don't become civilized, they crawl back to their holes..

trend - definition
trend VERB
buck the trend/system

a gradual change or development that produces a particular result.
In your case it produces NADA.....!
Warning: Bigot Liar trending
Lordy, the colored coded parasite has really stretched the gospel in his nightly rants. I still can't believe you actually made yourself out to be just what you are. A phoney and a Liar. You Mac speedy should be proud of yourself for being the apple of your mentors eye's. You are the epitome of the crack smoking drag queen. What does he call you Sushi?
barry's poll numbers have always been low, they've been lying the whole time, actually now in negative territory, they were handicapping barry with 45 points so he is actually -11 points below zero. this because now the undocumented have said NO MAS CABRON bahrrie!!!!!

and ms. speedy is still a smelly troll bat dung eating idiot.
Warning: Bigot Liars trending

Heh,Heh,Heh, the homophobic loser has arrived. What dey call you sucker Ahab the Arab?
Warning: Bigot Liar trending.

The LEFT wing nut out for it's daily stroll. What does your boyfriend say, come pinkie?
Warning: Perverted Bigot trending.

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