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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


What Do President Obama and JFK Have In Common?

Nada, Zilch, except party affiliation. JFK was a man, not a wuss. JFK stood tall and didn't bow to anyone. JFK was a Christian, not a Muslim hell bent on destroying America. JFK told the truth to the American people, didn't LIE for his actions. NO parallels whatsoever, NONE...
JFK was in a class of his own, Obama has NO class at all..
Yeah a lot hahahahaha!
JFK was a Catholic and Hell has no fury like the hate that is directed at this President ,he 's certainly in a class of his own.;)
Maddog you don't know your history. JFK told many lies, and had many affairs, but I guess that is OK in the eyes of a bigot since JFK was White. SAD.
Listen Parasite, I didn't bring the race card in like you do. JFK was 10x the man you are and that pansy in the house is. Lets talk about affairs and lies pervert. How are you going to explain your black mentor being dressed in drag or his homosexual tendencies ??? Oh, I guess your excrement Azz forgot that huh? Trying to put a black man on a pedestal because of his color, shows your true racist side pervert. There is nobody more of a Bigot and Racist then your Fat pudgy Azz Macspeedy, and it shows every time you post. Crawl back in your hole with your fictitious bible and preach to the other parasites in your hole with you..
You haven't got the brains The one and only Ruler of all gave to the Jack-asses, ( He even left you out of this one), and No wonder why. So keep spewing your Racist and bigoted phrases parasite, because you appease Satan and no one else, besides making an azz out of yourself to everyone here at LP.
Well lets go fictitious preacher man, you've had two hours since I last posted to think of something, anything. Can't think of anything to appease Satan Macspeedy? Try being natural, it's in you.

What does your fictitious bible say about Sodomites homey? I'll bet your book doesn't show anything about your mentors dealings does it? I'll also bet you are very proud of your Crack smoking Drag queen too, isn't that right Macspeedy?

I don't use tactics to tell the truth homey, I tell it like it is, and if you or any of your followers don't like it, well it's just too bad..! You've shown day after day just how much of an inadequate individual you really are, and i have no reservations about telling you how much of a low life you try not to be. I'll be around every day just to expose what type of human garbage you are Macspeedy, and that you can bank on. By the way did your mentor give you his boots so you could wear them at the next parasite ball?   By the way you were correct when you said JFK was White. Yes sir White and right, not Brown wearing a Gown..!

Maddog calm down, I must have struck a nerve. You are the biggest LIAR on LP. You have a vivid and perverted imagination. You seem to know a lot about people you have never met in your life. But that's the way bigots roll. You are an expert LIAR and envious as he!!. That is why you resort to BIGOT tactics. SAD.
Again you're a wuss in a parasites body. Your words could never strike a nerve of mine Macspeedy.
Go back and fall into your hole parasite and come back when you can run with the big dogs....!

Never been envious of any parasite in my lifetime Macspeedy and that includes you. I guess you don't read either, I've said I don't need tactics I just tell it like it is. That in itself should be easy enough for a low life such as yourself to understand even without an ounce of brains. Yep, I know you're going to spew more garbage about how educated you are, but it's rather obvious you're neither.
Come on homey get it up to snuff...
Maddog, that is why people on the LP know that you a big bald head LIAR. Trust me, only your bigot friends believe what you are saying. Your screen name speaks for itself. Who in their right mind would call themselves a dog, and a mad one at that. Only the fool in heart would believe you.
Herh,heh,heh, another ( Splaaaaat ) Macspeedy. Man thats got to hurt to be falling on your face as much as you do huh? I don't have Bigot from low life, I've got true friends, far from the parasites that you call friends and believe me when I tell you, they know who is on the bottom end of that stick. Yep, Maddog the name, had it all through High School when I played Football, by the way how was your Home Ed classes, did they really teach you how to knit?

Yes Sir, cigar chomping Maddog in Nam also. I'd pick parasites like you off of me from the field, chew on them awhile then spit them back into their hole. Excuse while I chew a little bit. Come on homey get serious and give me your best...
Maddog, only a low life would be proud of a name like that. You're must have wrote the screen play for LIAR, LIAR...because you are good at it.
Maddog, only a low life would be proud of a name like that. You must have wrote the screen play for LIAR, LIAR...because you are good at it.
I see you acknowledged my works parasite. Now, that's very kind of you, but I'm going to have to turn you down for this because everyone already knows who the rightful recipient of this would be, The distinction of low life and liar falls squarely on your knapsack. I really appreciate you for the acknowledgement of telling the truth though, and you really don't know how that warms the les of my heart...

As I've said before, you're going to have to stop falling on your face parasite before your friends at the Garden club have to run you to the D.O.T. maintainence building for emergency road repair...
Warning: Bigot Liars trending
Heh,Heh, what a loser.. Go home and knit some more, then come back when you acquire a set..
Warning: Bigot Liar trending

Heh, Heh, Heh, what a loser......!
Warning: Bigot Liar trending

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