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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


12 Reasons Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever

Idol worshiper.
Casts away the flaws of the idol to create his own image of the idol.
I think he needs some lavender and lemon tea, this poor man is not seeing things clearly,
Wow, this guy is really on a field trip with all of his facilities out to lunch.
The only way a person can consider Obama one of the "best" is for them to be a person who wants to live off the sweat of others. They would be very comfortable with slavery provided they are not one of the enslaved.
Everyone has a right to their own opinion, after all, that is the American way... and Gasmeterguy you made a very interesting comment "They would be very comfortable with slavery provided they are not one of the enslaved." Food for thought.
He made some very secure observation here ,history will be very kind and good or what ever way you would want to describe it. This is extraordinary President . He even have swagger something no other President has ever had ,could it be cause he's like no other President, mummm! All is good when it come to this very humble principal man .
There are people that do live in a DREAM WORLD...!!! Dream on brother...!!!
It's not a dream, President Obama is POTUS until 2017, whether you like it or's hard to live in denial.
Obama has another 3 years to go. Obama may quickly go into obscurity like Nixon did. Never heard from again and not spoken about very often.

Not if he's removed from office, the obamacare fraud and the lies to Americans are enough to have him impeached and removed from office.
If you like your insurance you can keep it, that's BS
People are losing their insurance on a daily bases, wait until the first person dies because they lost their insurance, watch the lawsuits fly.
It's not a dream, President Obama is POTUS until 2017, whether you like it or's hard to live in denial. " Everyone has a right to their own opinion, after all, that is the American way ".....

Can see other people don't live by their own words...!
I'm glad you are taking heed to what I say.
Sully wishful thinking don't amount to diddly-squat.
I would like to know what happen to "Mission Accomplish " there was thousand of American people who lost their lives and there wasn't no impeachment. So WTF! STFU! if there wasn't court to impeachment that dick.
And we know how some liberals feel about the troops. We are still in Afghanistan after mission accomplished on Bin Laden. From an article I read today there are still going to be troops left there according to a secret deal.
Why is Obama not pulling out all troops?

He doesn't know how Jap. He has to find out who to bow to next...
And your ignorant dumb azz do. Go back to school dummy.
Go F**k yourself dirtbag. Anything else that you want to be considered intelligent from a janitor??.
I heard your partner was looking for you, he wanted to tell you to change your Poise before you went out.
Someone said, you were an arithmetic man - you add trouble, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance, but in your case it doesn't compute. When we need an opinion from you, we'll rattle your rocker and have Obama come in and hose you down...
Listen up, your nothing but a Starbucks-drinking sodomite, you're so far out of your depth you need a snorkel to keep from drowning in your ignorance.
Is that your best? You not only suffer from homophobia, but you have serious questions about your manhood. Whatever your IQ is add 25 and you'll get mine sucker.
Nah, far from my best homie.

The truth is, you Socialism-indoctrinating moonbat, you're so crazy, there wouldn't even be a trial.
So tell me, how out of a million sperm, why were you were the fastest flag-hating loser? How could that be?
The administration in cahoots w/the white house controlled census bureau and the DOC lied about the unemployment numbers before the 2012 elections to get barry re-elected. anyone with a brain also knew those unemployment numbers were a lie. barry's 2nd. election was a fraud and barry should be recalled.
Then recall him or STFU.
speedo can't answer right now ,, He has luvboy's manhood in his mouth.
whoops it's out now
Speedy, all I have to say to a cappuccino-quaffing whiner like you is two words: YOU LIE!
MD trolls aren't conceived, they are hatched in caves and live on bat dung until they get an internet connection, then they order dominoes and get bad gas and get real ugly and no one wants to be around them.
Maddog you are still a lame azz ghoul.
Speedy,I'd call you a sniveling, free-market-fearing moron, but that would be paying you a compliment.
Reddog Bigot tactics don't work with me. But since you are of a lower intelligence you are doing your best. I don't make fun of the mentally challenged. You are incapable of knowing when you are being insulted.
MAddog, that name is befitting you. You are mad with envy when someone like me is superior to you.
Speedy, you are a Antichrist-embracing loser, if brains were taxed, you'd get a rebate. Yep you can't get much more superior than that...
No Maddog, I am a GOD fearing man. I believe in doing what's right. I believe in contributing to society. Talk is cheap. What have you done to help bring about a positive change in society, besides your continuous racial rants? Crickets...
Oh by the way Speedy, "Your Superior", " You couldn't fill my jock strap ". Superiority): Hence
(LiLSpeedy). Yes sir you definitely have superiority....
I don't have racial rants, only "Truths". And what pray tell have you done to contribute to society besides walk around like a blind man spewing racial and mightier than thou comments as if your Shiite didn't stink..
No Maddog, I am a GOD fearing man. I believe in doing what's right. I believe in contributing to society. Talk is cheap. What have you done to help bring about a positive change in society, besides your continuous racial rants? Crickets...
# posted by LiLSpeedy : 9:18 PM

If you were a God fearing man you would know God views us all as equal.
I see you couldn't find anything to say to my last post speedy. All I can say is that you are a naive, tax-wasting asshat with delusions of adequacy.
Emily if you had an ounce of GOD in your heart you wouldn't be so twisted and bigoted.
Why is it that you can make your self appear superior to Emily, when she has an opinion just like you and call what she speaks as " Twisted and bigoted " ??
To answer your question about what have I done. I have helped to educate thousands and help prepare them for the real world that awaits them. I tutored for free at church. Now I'll ask you again, what have you done besides spew racial hatred?
Maddog you can't answer for yourself, so why are you trying to answer for Emily?
Educate them at what. Racial hatred? I've done my best all my life to keep people like you from bullying others because you think you're colored coded and the world owes you something. What was done 300 years ago was done by everyone in the world, even black folks. Just because there was slavery, doesn't mean you get put on a pedestal and people owe you. Get over it, or go back 300 years and fight with the people who invented it.
And if you ever taught at church, I can already see by your response just what you did teach.
I don't owe you a thing, never have and never will, but I won't bow down or hang my head for something I had no part of.
That's what I've always taught, except to someone who THINKS he is better than other people. If the truth hurts so be it, I sleep very well at night....!
Why because she has more vales in one finger, than you have in your body. I'm speaking for her, too friggen bad if you don't like it Mr. teach hatred for free sodomite.
I can see why a values-perverting freak like you votes Democrat. It's easier than working.
ms. speedy hasn't educated sh1t, and she ain't black, she is a soul-less troll that orders dominos pizza longing for the noid to deliver that greasy pizza pie.
Maddog you know nothing about slavery. Nor do you know how Black feel and think. You are living in the 60's. Blacks are educated, pay taxes, serve their country, and are not going anywhere. So get use to it BIGOT.
Also Maddog, a person is judged by the company they keep. You and Emily are two peas in a pod. Both of you think and act the same, so I don't give a care for either of you.
Who gives a rats azz what you think . Who the frig are to judge anyone. Did someone die and leave you in charge. I know enough about slavery that I don't have to relive anything like you and your followers do. It takes a BIGOT to call someone a BIGOT , of course you're to dumb to realize that. Likewise I could care less for you also.
This just in, there's another hidden clause in the odumdum not affordable care act, if insurance companies lose money, the get a nice big bail out, from the tax payers, every single year !
Speaking of the uneducated.
I can see why a dissent-stifling girlie man like you votes Democrat. It's easier than having a set of testicles, right Shirley?
Maddog, now you know BIGOT tactics don't work with me, yet you keep trying. SAD.
No BIGOT tactics Shirley, just how I feel.
Are you always such an uninformed, bailout-celebrating pantywaist, or is today a special occasion?
No Maddog, 100% Bigot tactics...they don't have no effect on me...same O, same O... Come on, you can do better.
Geez, I think this is how everyone see's you Speedy:
Definition of bigot (n)

Bing Dictionary
[ bíggət ]

1.intolerant person: somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views

Synonyms: extremist · diehard · dogmatist · racist · chauvinist · hypocrite
Don't you get it, I don't care what BIGOTS think of have not stopped me from accomplishing anything. If you did anything, you encouraged me to do my best whatever the endeavor.
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