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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sarah Palin: Obama on Verge of 'Impeachable Offenses'

This dog of a female need to STFU for real, who take her serious ,but ditto heads and people who are not educated ,her father should be a shame of himself to let her keep trotting her airhead out talking gibberish when was said to have taught school. We know where this ding bat was when English class was in session.
I find it humorous that folks from the far left resort to name calling when they truly know they are wrong and have no compelling argument.
Where was Obama during his college years?
No record to prove his academic record nor attendance.
No one remembers him that were there as students.
Why did the Obama's give up their law license.
Hawaii will not even release his birth certificate.
Who is his daddy?

Throwing stones weezy, Hope you don't live in a glass house.
You might want to rethink your sentence structure and punctuation, where were you during English class?
Oh you can't do that Sully. The low informed and race baiters will call you a bigot for correcting them. Wow, one persons opinion really irks a lot of people. I guess theirs is the only one right, they just come out and give us their sermon of the RIGHT way she should be.       Nah....!!!

Wonder what SS # he'll be using this year?
Some people need to rethink the incriminating sh*t coming out their mouth this WILL come back to hunt you. Like the first post she's an joke and airhead and we have a laughing session on her and her defeated kind every day. Soon you will a speck on the windshield of an automobile. Take you sh*t elsewhere. I as the most ditts on this blog will speak where I want to go somewhere where your bullsh*t count. I could care less about and your dune day crap, so squash it. I have never been on a blog where idiots think they can say sh*t and others (especially if they are thought to be Democrat) can't say the same. There is no need to speak to me period because, I don't address these idiots only the subject which in this case , queen of dumb sh*t S Palin.
Wow, all that intelligence out of one place. Too bad English isn't your forte I'm not downing you, it's just that you might be better off saying very little, or nothing at all. You've got a right to your opinion just like everyone else so why don't you try to keep it civil...
I'll take Palin over Obama any day.   She would not destroy America.
Sarah rocks.
Sarah Palin sucks!
Troll alert!
Sarah Palin has more class in her little finger, than most of dc put together.
Sarah Palin sucks!
I was listening a Black radio talk show, she sucks alright according to them. Wooooow ;)
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