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Friday, March 2, 2012


Lack of enthusiasm? It's the Democrats who have a problem

it's simple,if you want a president who will help the wealthy increase their wealth,vote republican!
wealthy are enthusiastic about that.
Depends how you define wealthy. Wealth could mean having a job and supplying for your family.
I am very enthusiastic about that.
The only thing I hear out of democrats is free stuff. Which is paid for by those who are working by the way.

Remember, the less people that are working means the free stuff will come to a halt. Those of us who see it coming are prepared to survive, ask yourself, if there's no free stuff, How will I feed my family ? If we don't have enogh skilled trades, because everyone is on welfare, we will have a generation of people growing up not knowing how to fix things, build things, invent things, we will become a third world country.
The wealthiest in this country will not help us all, feed us all, pay our doctor bills, heat, electricity, gasoline.
welfare keeps people down.
Thank you Sully....I always enjoy your feedback on some of these subjects here on LP...!!!
I guess Ireland is a greater country than America. Ireland suffered through a 25 year recession from the early 70's to the mid 90's where unemployment was a helluva lot higher than 10%. They had generations on the dole - government assistance. When the country turned around and there were jobs to be had the Irish happily went back to work and learned all the new skills that had developed over the previous 25 years and the country thrived until the global melt-down of the 2000's. Had the government not looked after the poorest, I'm sure the country would have erupted into a mecca of murder, robbery and anarchy.   So if you're going to paint every Democrat as looking for a handout, and everyone out of work as a lazy swine who will never return to work given the opportunity, you're not really giving your fellow countrymen the benefit of the doubt.
Well, it's mostly Democrats on welfare, you used the term lazy swine, Freudian slip ?
So Ireland had A Whole 3 good years..lmao
you need to learn more about Ireland.
It is not okay for the government to take my money and give it to someone else. PERIOD!
By the way putzy, Dublin has the 6th highest murder rate in ALL of Europe.
Wow Sully - If I can count on anything it's for you to totally disregard facts. And the other thing I can count on is for you ratchet up the personal attacks to anyone not licking your *ss - Freudian slip on lazy swine.   You constantly prove yourself as a woman of little intelligence an absolutely no class.

Mostly Democrats on welfare... I must have missed this study.   Say it several more times and maybe it will be true.   As I stated previously Ireland's resurgence started in the 90's and was in full stride by 1995.   If you consider the housing market blew up around 2007 - that's actually a good 12 - 17 years. Next time use a calculator for that complex math. And even if it was three years... the point was most people want to work - only a fool believes they don't.   You think I need to know more about Ireland yet your sound like you couldn't find it on a map.

According to the constitution we need to "provide for the general welfare" - now I don't want to pay for crack addicts and their children either, but I'm not naive enough to believe everyone that needs a little help is a lazy piece of garbage - I leave that narrow minded view to you and your ilk.   Welfare definitely needs to be reformed... but yeah, someone needs a bit of help than morally the thing to do is provide.   I don't like street beggars - and I don't always give them money, but I also don't kick them either.

As for your last comment.. proving just how much you like to talk but not listen... what I said was that had the government not looked after it's citizens in the 70's and 80's the crime rate could have been a lot worse - but if you want the numbers for Dublin - it averaged 30 murders for year in the 70's, 29 mpy in the 80's and 35 in the 90's - RANKING IT AS ONE OF THE LOWEST MURDER PERCENTAGES IN ALL OF EUROPE. And that was with a drug epidemic and wide spread unemployments. I'm glad you were able to google today's murder rate... it shows at least you made an effort to check out a fact.   Unfortunately you did the least amount of investigative work as you could.

What you fail to realize is any Sh*thead is going to break into your house and rob you for their drug habit. But take an ordinary guy... put him out of work and let him twist in the wind with no help... eventually he's going to not think twice about taking what's yours if it means feeding his children. We pay one way or another - one should be safe and manageable... the other one not so much.

I can't believe, you so call Republican women will not even stand up for women rights. We know you are sub                                                                                                                                                    missive to your husband , but get your head out their a$$ long enough to see their trying to regulate women heaith care when their not women.As for that bull about there are more Democrat on warfare is an lie. I am not going through the time to put up the proof, Idon't care if you keep spreading that lie or not . I know the facts, you claim you read so much apparently you have been reading fiction.You Repubicans have been trained to just throw out there the word "welfare" and think people will automatic think Blacks and Democrat. That old dog won't hunt any more.What! with the talking point free stuff nothing is free unless you count all the free service that big business get and never pay taxes on it.You want to stop welfare stop giving it to rich people and big business. What ever your selling we not buying.
Killing babies is not a woman's right, Louise.
President Pee Wee Herman doesn't get to decide if you can kill someone.
If you're that bloodthirsty that you want to kill someone, kill yourself, not an innocent baby.
Putzy, your the only one at this point , dishing out personal attacks, and yes the majority of people on welfare are Democrats.
I grew up in Detroit, that crime is there during good times and bad, and if some crack head wants in my house, if he gets past the dogs, he won't get past the the 357 ruger, 12 guage, 7mm, 22, 30.06.
There are tons of jobs, but most refuse to work them.
we can't keep people at work who collect welfare, they don't last more than a week or 2. please tell me why ?

If I didn't see it so much, I wouldn't have anything to say.
Louise, equal rights don't mean extra and free, you have a bad concept of what equal means.
Always the same song and dance with you Sully - YOU were the one who asked if lazy swine was a Freudian slip???   How is that me attacking you??   You're delusional and you do this every single time. YOU start with the personal attacks lady - if you can't look through the old posts and not see than your hopeless.

Okay if you say so the majority of people on welfare are Democrats - that could be 51% to 49% or 1% to 99% - you don't know because you either made this up off the top of your head or you read it off a conservative website so it must be true.   Look up the word fact... I don't think you understand what it means.   I could say that every Republican is a goose-stepping hate monger - and I'm sure I could find some liberal rag to agree - but I know it's not the truth so why would I repeat it.   

Again you speak but fail to listen - sure Detroit is a sh*thole. Populated by a lot of *ssholes.   Does that mean everyone in Detroit is garbage??? No.   But the crack heads are the ones you see coming from a mile away - as I said it's when decent intelligent people have their backs against the wall is when there is a real danger. When their only hope of feeding their kids is taking from someone else than things are really going to be rough.

Unless you've been out of work during the last 3 years you haven't earned the right to talk about "ton of jobs out there." I lost my job to the economy when the company I worked for went belly up.   I'm a college graduate and couldn't name one employer who didn't think I did a bang up job for them.   When I hit the job market I couldn't get an interview to stock shelves.   And yeah, I'm not moving to Florida or California to pick oranges.   I've found work... but don't you tell me how "easy" it is.   Yeah, some people on welfare may not want to work but just because they don't last in the small microcosm of the grocery store you work in doesn't mean there aren't real people in need.   Just from your posts here I couldn't imagine anyone having to work a day with you and listen to your conservative rhetoric all day.

Just because you see it in the limited number of people you meet doesn't justify making blanket statements about a group - whether it's black, white, Democrat, Republican it's stereotyping and bigotry.

Both of your posts were bent on attacking me, it is you who are the bigot,
your lazy, you could't get the job you wanted, so you refused to work at all, even at a grocery store....
you let the rest of feed you, didn't you ?

Sully - NOW I'm attacking you.   You stupid cow I didn't say boo to your ignorant *ss until YOU accused me of being a swine and lazy. My comments weren't even to your dumb, country *ss.

Oh so the majority of welfare recipients will tell me their Democrats like they did you.   What did you ask them when they came into your store you daffy b*tch. Once again... LEARN the definition of a fact.

Thanks for doing what your stupid, ignorant *ss always does - drawn conclusions with out an ounce of fact or effort.   Sure I got laid off and couldn't find a job - in interim I installed wood floors off the books, worked as a handyman for myself, worked off the books for a PR company writing copy and also did some computer work - DOES THAT TELL YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ME YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF GARBAGE. And that work didn't come easy, I'd hate to think what would have happened if I was a minority and I knocked on doors with bigoted morons like you living behind them.   Trust me I wouldn't let you feed me if I was starving... as is I'm reasonably sure as an infant your kid turned his nose up at your sorry excuse for t*ts.

Don't you realize how f*cking dumb you come off in these posts? How great it must be for you to sit at your little register near the produce section and be able to sum everyone up that comes into your circle.   Talking to you is a waste of time because you lack the capacity to look at anything outside your realm of experience.   I pity you...

I didn't accuse you of anything, I pointed out the fact you called people lazy swine, and you've spent another post attacking me , how smart do you think you look ?
By the way, my main function at work is theft control, I am all over the place and I am paid very well.
Oh , and I am a minority, one that refuses to let a government keep me down by throwing food at me and forgetting I exist until its voting time.

welfare stats putzy
38.8 white
37.2 black
17.8 hispanic
2.8 asian
3.4 other,
so there goes your theory on racism, there tons of info, if you only took the time to look. worked off the books, so you wouldn't have to pay taxes !!!!! The very taxes I am sick of shelling out, you yourself did not want to contibute to the welfare coffers...So I guess it's only fair to label you a tax cheat, hypocrite!
Silly - I said and I quote, "If you're going to paint every Democrat as looking for a handout, and everyone out of work as a lazy swine who will never return to work given the opportunity, you're not really giving your fellow countrymen the benefit of the doubt."

I NEVER called anyone lazy or swine - I commented that to do so would be short changing Americans.   Your response was, and I quote: "you used the term lazy swine, Freudian slip ?"   Do you understand the f*cking language? Can you read for context?   I can forgive the fact that you keep exposing yourself as someone of poor breeding with a lack of intelligence - but then to argue the point and being obviously wrong - it's bewildering.

That's great that you've got a job and are a minority - I never suggested otherwise.

As for your stats - I noticed no where in there is a listing for percentage Democrats - which was your whole idiotic argument in the first place. As for the racism - my comment you dullard was that you judge every Democrat as looking for a handout. You rely on stereotypes to form your opinions of people or groups. Making you just as prejudiced as the biggest bigot. My theory on racism???   You actually don't understand the conversation do you???

I gotta wonder - it's a lottery website yet you feel compelled to repeatedly post your own political agenda.    Are you insecure about your political leanings and need others to reassure you that your right or do you realize others might disagree and just enjoy a fight.   Don't tell me you're trying to promote your party because if you really were you'd get your *ss out of the seat and distribute flyers or make phone calls for your candidate of choice. So which is it.....Are you insecure or just a b*tch looking for a fight?
There you go again twisting things around and calling names.
Your the one putting the spin on everything,
Your the one doing all the name calling, that makes you the insecure person, I am sick of being taxed, The Democrats want more taxes, more spending and the people who support this are Democrats, many of them on the receiving end of these tax dollars, what don't you get ?
I don't get how you could be so demented. You attack first and when I respond you cry, "Why are you picking on sweet little me?" Rather than refute a post full of facts you accuse me of twisting things, you rely on facts that you've made up and then you don't even address the things you were adamant about in your previous post. Am I firing back at you calling you names and revealing your lack of intelligence... yeah, you don't like it you shouldn't of opened fire first.

I don't like being taxed either - but I'm not going on here blasting every Democrat. If I've learned everything it's that no one knows everything... and you're certainly not the exception.   You're on here every day pushing your agenda - who's insecure.    Politics and religion are best kept private yet you can't shut up about how your right and everyone else is wrong. And then you've got to tell everyone you're a security guard in a grocery store who makes good money... really, who's insecure??   Do you want to post your SAT scores or IQ next?

You'd probably be a nice person if you could keep your   opinion to yourself... instead you've got to scream it from the rooftops and then when someone disagrees with you you lack the intelligence to wage a proper comeback so you rely on spinning things, making up conversations and ignoring where you've already been proven wrong.    You come off as desperate for the justification and acceptance of others.   

PS - Tax cheat??? You're pathetic. First I'm lazy because you think I took time off to live off your disgusting t*t. Then you find out I did work so your lazy argument doesn't work so now I'm a tax cheat because I did what millions of other Americans did - kept money coming in for my family.   I was only hired for some of the work that I did because the small businesses I worked for didn't want to pay taxes on me... yeah the same small companies given all those tax breaks pushed for by Republicans.   I guess I should have refused the work and went hungry so as not to damage your flip-flopping sensibilites.   Go f*ck yourself.

You should talk with Pumpi because he makes more sense than you.   

Don't hand me your holy BS. your a tax cheat and you want the rest of us to pay for you, And exactly what are you doing here, Oh thats right pushing your liberal agenda, you are not who your making yourself out to be, you live in your moms basement, have no real ambition and want to blame others for your short comings, by the way , you go f*ck yourself, because I am sure your all you got. You've probably never had a job longer then a year. sitting there waiting for your buddies to come over so you can brag about beating down a woman who dared to call you out.
Keep on keeping on, Sully. I agree with all the facts you have posted here. Where's rdgrn when we need him?
Thanks gasmeterguy, some people don't get it,
Like our good friend once said.
" welfare is supposed to be a safety net, not a lifelong hammock" I have no problem donating to food banks, or to our church when they feed the homeless.
I have a problem with the government forcing me to take care of people through higher taxation.
No where in the constitution does it say, the United states is responsible for feeding half the counrty on ill gotten tax dollars.
Welfare keeps people down , because after awhile they become complacent, they get used to the way they are living, when you get enough welfare in concentrated areas, you have job loss, small business either close or move to where the money is, and then you get blight.
It is no way my responsibilty to pay for someone elses medical treatments or medicine, all the while I am paying for my own.
For years I have been watching people on welfare continuing to have children, couldn't feed the first one now they got 6, all the while screaming I'm poor, give me more. I see it everyday.
I see the fraud and the scammers, it really does take away from someone in desperate need,
I have relatives on welfare and neighbors, I see the attitude, why should I work, everyone else is doing it.
Yet, they all have money for lottery, booze and cigarettes, really ?
Tired of being forced to take care of people who don't want to take care of themselves. Tired of others people bad choices.
fyi putzy, I am theft control, not a security guard, you just can't get your facts straight.
ACPutz you are right, there not a day go by that a certain group on here are talking this hateful trash talk about Democrats and the working poor or the poor.All while kissing the a$$es of the rich Republicans,who thinks of them as trash.Oh! no they have the Stockholm Sydrome. It's a very small person who has to put down others ,inorder to make themseleves feel important.By the way there isn't" no where in the constitution does it say the United States is responsible for feeding half of the country" but there this "Book" call the Bible that say we are our brother keeper and We are to feed the poor and needy.
I don't wan t sh(t from you scummy you skanky piece of trash. I don't have a liberal agenda you dumb tw(t siince I'm a moderate - 0h yeah that would be somebody who actuallly wants to make a differeance you dumb tw(t.
God bless Louie Black
your both worried about your food stamps.
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